About the Traveler

I am a 3rd degree Master Mason in the Blue Lodge, under the Grand Lodge of California. I am also a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Freemason Mason from the Orient of California. Personally I am an artist by vocation and have tried to apply that aesthetic to the sites I publish.

My masonic path includes my pursuit of the sublime degrees of Freemasonry in 1996 , seeking its knowledge, education, and enlightenment. My sole purpose in creating this site and Freemason Information is to organize and share my thoughts and ideas on Freemasonry to as wide an audience possible of those who may be seeking it out.

Specifically, it is constructed for the interested onlooker and the newly raised entered apprentice, but it also presents insight to the seasoned master.

My interests in Freemasonry range from its true and mythological history to its esoteric recesses.

Ordo Structor

The Ordo – Structor

Created as the mark of Freemason Information, the “Ordo-Structor” represents the ever renewing thought of Freemasonry as traveled through the time-immemorial mystery schools. The Gnostic idea of “As Above – So Below” is represented in the stars mirroring one another, with a 3rd star introduced to represent the 3 great lights of Freemasonry. The 47th Problem of Euclid stands as the path to finding our center, measuring our furthest reaches. Below is the reminder of the fleetingness of time, it being ever in motion away from us. Surrounded by the infinite serpent swallowing its tail, illustrating the eternal spiraling nature of the divine. And ultimately, all centered under the all seeing eye of the Great Architect of the Universe.


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