I am curious what you think.

Why Freemasonry? Why this institution?

Below are two competing institutions, with less time on track than Freemasonry, but that offer the same set of principals and ideas, so why not them? These other groups are service bodies that do a lot for their communities, and for their membership. They have similarities with Freemasonry, and are community minded, so why not them? What has been the drawing force in Freemasonry to keep us coming back?

The two groups are The Lions Club and Rotary International

The Lions Club says about itself:

Lions club members are men and women who strive to make a difference in their local community as well as communities worldwide. Their volunteer efforts go beyond the support of vision care, to addressing unmet health and education needs worldwide.
MembershipLions Clubs International is the world’s largest service club organization with 1.3 million members in approximately 45,000 clubs in 200 countries and geographical areas.

It goes on to say that it is an invitation only body.

The Rotary Ininternational says about itself:

Rotary club members are part of a diverse group of professional leaders working to address various communities and international service needs. Through community service and other means, Rotary club members help promote peace and understanding throughout the world. Our members are our most important asset. They are the force that allows Rotary to carry out its many humanitarian efforts and achieve its mission.

Membership levels in the US, according to their own publication, stand at 377,138 as of January 2007

So with just these two in mind, why Freemasonry, if these groups are “nearly identical” to it in what they represent? From the surface, they are non denominational and do not espouse a need for a belief in the Divine, which means they are more secular, but is that why we are Freemasons? Their membership levels are not nearly as high, and I doubt they reach the volume of charity Freemasonry proclaims ($4 million ever day) with our apendant bodies Shrine hospitals.

So why Freemasonry?

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~ by Greg on March 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “I am curious what you think.”

  1. silly question. neither organization resembles Freemasonry in the slightest. We’re not a service organization- our charitable work comes out of our ideals, but it’s not our reason for being. We’re a fraternity. We could drop all our charitable works tomorrow without compromising the core of our essence. It’s all about bringing good men together in brotherhood, and teaching them good morals.

  2. Good answer, Bro. Jay.

    Which leads me to another good question.

    What are morals, or morality? Are morals personal, or universal? Can two men with different “moral” opinions both be moral? What morals does Freemasonry teach us?

    Widow’s Son

  3. The Lions and Rotary are service Clubs. Freemasonry is not. Our first goal is to make a man better by giving him a set of values to guide his conduct as well as reminding him that there is a Supreme Being and that we have faith in the immortality of the soul. We also associate in Freemasonry with men of like values. Don’t know that that happens in a service organization however noble is purposes may be.


  4. That is a very good answer that Jay has stated, but at the same time no you can’t stop all the charitable work that the Freemasons do. That is one of the things that make somepeople understand that no Freemasonary is not a “cult” but a group of men coming togetther at least once a month and bettering themselves, and also bettering their families, even though some may not know they are doing so.

  5. I didn’t suggest we *should* do that, just that we could, without damaging our “core competency”. a drug store could stop selling candy and greeting cards without damaging the core of its business, but it would lose a lot of foot traffic and attention.

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