On the Skids….

This isn’t new news at this point, but it seems the Scottish Rite NASCAR commercial partnership is on the skids, pardon the pun, and now becoming litigious.

The Burning Taper, who has done a great job of keeping on the subject, yesterday posted a distancing press release found on the Scottish Rite message boards, but it looks like word in the press now is that the partnership for “no money” may be going to court.

The Star-Gazette.com
, out of Elmira New York, Frank Cicci Jr‘s (the former owner of the nascent Rite-Mobile) hometown, is reporting yesterday that Cicci is “seeking to put veteran Jay Sauter in his No. 34 Chevy after alleging that Conz and Scottish Rite have defaulted on their contract with his team to run the full Busch Series schedule.”

Further the article said:

The Frank Cicci Racing statement said Cicci has retained legal council against BC Motorsports and Brian Conz for default and non-payment according to the terms of a binding contract that commits them to a 35 NASCAR Busch Series race schedule with Frank Cicci Racing.

It went on to say that

Conz’s Web site now shows no affiliation with Frank Cicci Racing other than a few pictures of the car from the original D.C. appearance.”

but as of minutes ago, the Conz site is just 404 (not found).

So much for doing things on the square.

Like the brother at the Burning Taper said, “not all press is good press, and something like this makes All of Freemasonry look bad”. Just like the question of membership, as a body, who really is watching our West Gate? Maybe the Rite forgets exactly what Pike even said…

But that which is the greatest battle, and in which the truest honor and most real success are to be won, is that which our intellect and reason and moral sense, our spiritual natures, fight against our sensual appetites and evil passions, our earthly and material or animal nature. Therein only are the true glories of heroism to be won, there only the successes that entitle us to triumphs.
Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma
32nd degree, the Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret


~ by Greg on March 2, 2007.

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