Oprah and the secret of "the Secret"

My wife TiVo’s Oprah, and on occasion I watch it with her at night when we get home from work. It just so happened that on February 8th, she had a panel of speakers who were there to do their best to plug the profundity of The Secret“, a new on-line film/DVD that proclaims to reveal centuries hidden knowledge in the span of a 90 minute motivational speech.

After watching the original episode of Oprah on the 8th and her follow-up on the 17th (where the “O” did some fancy dancing to the “no this isn’t an anti Christian message” song), I had to admit that I felt compelled to see exactly what the secret was really about.

And after watching it tonight, I’ll be damned, the message it presents is pretty spot on.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Probably some new age hocus-pocus or some motivational speakers saying you have the power to do what you want (which is was in many ways), but this video took it step further. It said something I have been saying (and doing) for a while now though my own sort of personal discovery of all things Masonic. The message was that we (people) are a part of the God conscious universe, and that our energy resonates with the rest of the universe, and that this energy, when harmonized, has the potential of ANYTHING, good or bad. This harmonic energy is what we put out into the universe also attracts back to us, depending on what we think, feel, desire, wish, or pray for. And our attitudes contribute to what we get in return.

From the Masonic perspective, the degrees of masonry illustrate our ascension into this thought. That, as we are initiated into this ideation and taught how to interpret from what we learn our ultimate step, the placement at the doorway of God, the inner chamber of K.S.T. Our thoughts attenuated to this celestial divine, not without as some external force, but within, as our own manifestation of that Creative Force. We, widow’s sons, are the creators of our universe.

The philosophy in The Secret” should be simple to understand by any Freemason who watches it. Even simpler now that it has been broken down to its barest components, which are: “Know Thy Self”, and “Follow Your Bliss”. With these two axioms, you can control your universe.

For those wondering though, where the producers came up with this Secret Teaching, they give you glimpses at the beginning alluding to their origins, The Knights Templar, Rosicrucian’s, The Romans, the Egyptians, and so one…But there may be some true point of origin here. Out of Hermetica, there comes a myth, the myth of the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus. On this tablet were written 13 points of wisdom and these points create the foundation of transformative thought.

The 13 points of the tablet are:

  1. The truth, certainty, truest, without untruth.
  2. What is above is like what is below. What is below is like what is above. The miracle of unity is to be attained.
  3. Everything is formed from the contemplation of unity, and all things come about from unity, by means of adaptation.
  4. Its parents are the Sun and Moon.
  5. It was borne by the wind and nurtured by the Earth.
  6. Every wonder is from it 6a. and its power is complete.
  7. Throw it upon earth, 7a) and earth will separate from fire. The impalpable separated from the palpable.
  8. Through wisdom it rises slowly from the world to heaven. Then it descends to the world combining the power of the upper and the lower.
  9. Thus you will have the illumination of all the world, and darkness will disappear.
  10. This is the power of all strength- it overcomes that which is delicate and penetrates through solids. 11a) This was the means of the creation of the world.
  11. And in the future wonderful developments will be made, and this is the way.
  12. I am Hermes the Threefold Sage, so named because I hold the three elements of all wisdom.
  13. And thus ends the revelation of the work of the Sun.

From these points you can learn the secret.

The one thing I don’t agree with necessarily is that “The secret”, as “the Secret” calls itself, is still only wisdom for those who care to know about it. The owners of “the secret” didn’t hide it. It has been alive and vital in the mystery schools of antiquity for eons, all anyone has to do to gain the secret is just ask…

Maybe, as in ages past, this is the new mode of transference. This is how the secret teachings of the ages are to be communicated to the masses, to merge with our subconscious and manifest into our daily life, so it is never forgotten again.

Either way, I do recommend giving “the Secret” a watching if you have the time, I found it a great reinforcement of my Masonic principals and ideas.

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~ by Greg on February 18, 2007.

5 Responses to “Oprah and the secret of "the Secret"”

  1. I enjoyed The Secret and believe that one could incorporated it into their own set of beliefs and the message of the secret is already a part of many long standing traditions but perhaps not translated as well or put in plain terms. I have found it interesting that some have stated that it is anti-Christian as it seems similar to the teachings of the bible. The Secret can be inspirational and help one get back in line with their own personal goals in life. Worth watching.

  2. I just ordered the video so I would be aware of what is being thrown out into popular culture.

    I have been an unapologetic follower of the teaching of ‘Seth’ as channelled by Jane Roberts in the early 1970s. Certainly none of this sounds new to me.


  3. I ordered The Secret a while back after a friend handed me his housekey one day last summer and told me to go to his apartment and watch what was in his DVD player. I was struck by the film’s message and its simplicity. I then ordered it myself, and have watched it several times, and shared it with several people.

    Yes, John, it does correlate with Seth’s teachings as well as countless others’. The movie itself brings that out by quoting so many famous people, not just philosophers but recent history’s movers and shakers, thinkers, inventors, like Henry Ford, Edison, Emerson, Bell, MLK, Lincoln, et. al.

    Widow’s Son

  4. find a bible and you I’ll see that is only one that can give as a life that don’t have to a secret ,a love that is free for every human.God the God of creation.and that know all secrets.give your heart to Him He love’s you>>>

  5. I enjoyed the secret a lot…but it still hasnt worked quite well…and yes, while watching it I felt a Masonic connection of sorts.

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