I had wanted to see this happen…

It seems Layfayette-Greylock lodge has a ghost. Several even.

At some point I had heard about this lodge being haunted, but I can’t remember from where or when. It was a television show that walked cameras around, with people pointing to vague blury spots on far walls to see all the spooky things, but it wasn’t a big show. Essentially they said Layfayette-Greylock Masonic Lodge, under the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts, was haunted.

But it looks like things haven’t changed. Its still haunted, and has a bit of a following now, even its own resident ghost hunters, the Berkshire Paranormal Group (who’s members happen to be lodge members). But now, the Ghost Hunters, from the Sci-Fi channel are coming to town.

I’m not usually a shameless plug guy, but

  1. I’m a Mason, and
  2. I watch Ghost Hunters.

And the two combined, just puts me into television Nirvana.

But this is about the local appearance, so I wonder if they will cut a show on it?

But for these interested about the lodge, it seems that the haunting’s of this came from well before the square and compass came to rest there.

Said of the house:

There are mixed versions of this story, but I believe the following is a pretty accurate account. In the early 1900’s, the mansion was the residence of North Adams’ first mayor, Albert C. Houghton and his family. Four deaths are associated with the mansion, all occurring within just 11 days of each other. On August 1st, 1914 the Houghton’s chauffeur, John Widder, was driving Albert Houghton, his daughter Mary and a family friend, Sybil Hutton to Vermont in the family’s Pierce Arrow. They came upon a road crew on a mountain road, so Widders swerved to the edge of the road to avoid them. The vehicle hit a soft shoulder and rolled violently down a steep embankment.

Sybil died at the scene and Mary died enroute to the hospital. Both John Widders and Mayor Houghton suffered minor injuries. The chauffeur was deeply depressed and highly emotional. The following day, in the early morning hours, Widder was found dead in a barn behind the Mansion. He had committed suicide by shooting himself with a pistol. Mayor Houghton died just 9 days later…some say because of overwhelming despair.

Happy hunting. I hope they find something.


~ by Greg on February 8, 2007.

One Response to “I had wanted to see this happen…”

  1. This is a great write up.

    Berkshire Paranormal Group Member

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