Recent Venom

This is just some recent anti-Masonic venom from some past posts. It seems they didn’t like the recent house Resolution 33. I don’t often to attract this, but sometimes; the moths come in when I leave the back door open.

Content, profanity and typo’s intact.

Anonymous said…

hope it dies, the new religion you are so happy about as every religion has been started by the Jesuits. ans that is who the Freemasons master is.. all working for the OWO.

your master is the Jesuit General.the whore of rome

The 9th libra said…
This must be a case of the powerfull sodemizers getting off by political circle jerks. Good congresman? Load of shit! Mason contributions to society? Loads of shit! Ive never seen a mason without a fat pocket.

Anonymous said…
Masons…..Most of the lower degrees don’t realize it’s satin worship. Just look at the symbols Skull And crossbones, Egyptian Obelisks, pyramids, all seeing eyes (illuminati influence there), and many other pagan symbols. It.s a cult that has been around for hundred.s of years. It started off as a stone union guild back in medieval Europe, but occult influences took it over. (short version) Thanks to the internet the general population (at least those who care) know all about the cult, secret hand shakes, the mason in distress sign, the symbols all over the world ; in our money, corporate logo.s, buildings and monuments. A lot of politicians are masons (oversees as well, the cult transcends political leanings or national loyalties) striving for a one world government. So sad.
So in the end what side are you going to be on God’s or Lucifer’s? If you’re a mansion it’s a decision you’re going to have to make and right now It’s not who you think. But don’t take my word for it do your own research. We’ll be praying for you all.

And then lastly, verbatim from MySpace account:
…I have masonic in my family history like many people that I have broken curses of in my bloodline because of all the secret & occultic vows & curses involved. Have you ever read any of Pike’s stuff? What level are you? Because whatever level you are at, you will always be being lied to by those above you out of necessity. Just like YOU have to do with those below you or to “the Profane” or “Goddamn Independants” like me. (just like Mormons since they are just another masonic sect in case you weren’t aware of that or their history.) Obviously youre not supposed to reveal anything to me, but I’d be curious as to what you think you believe in at this point in your “travels”. It is incomprehensible to me how such intelligent & even sincerely sincere men can get so sucked into such a non-benevolent organization. If you are more committed to truth than committed to “looking good”, you can easily find out more of what you belong to and where your belifs will be tweaked TO eventually if you continually ascend the ranks. It is quite possible that I know more than you do about your own organization, its roots, the depth of its place in the world & its ultimate goals. Like countless thousands upon innumerable thousands I have seen with my own eyes & heard with my own ears actual higher masonic writings, documents, inner temple dealings, etc. and have heard MANY a testimony of people who have come OUT of masonry & the likes (satanism, occult, etc.) to further backup what I’m stating. So with all of what Ive encountered in those realms for years, that is why I would never be a part of that type of organization, regardless of any (false or true) promises of advancement, protection, financial/legal benefit, etc. etc. etc. If you think that everything I am stating is laughably outrageous, or unbelievably false & fictitious, then that only would prove your lower level within the ranks. If you know this to be true, than I would obviously expect you to deny all of the above allegations since that is what you must do……unless you want OUT like multitudes gone on before you have done for several reasons (ranging from personal integrity to being betrayed within to higher level competition & fear of their own death or WORSE.)
I am not interested in any hostile dialogues or being patronized, but if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me here, my friend.
You’re in darkness, You’re in darkness, You’re in darkness. But The ‘Light’ of Freemasonry will NOT save you. All of the gnosticisms have it wrong. Only the greatest & one real God who loved us enough to take on the form of man can do that. Check Him out! Not even the greatest minds in all philosophies, religions or government (whom I am not even disrespecting) could create or theorize a better God if they pooled their resources in their best century. The Bible and the Bible alone has stood the test of time and every test in every way. Survived every attack. Been proved by history, science & the very religions of the world’s very existences. The bible codes prove it. The experience of love embellish it. THE Jesus Christ [regardless of how he’s been portrayed by pagans, masons, the masonic DaVinci Code OR by christians-real or false] is “to die for” in all of His unfathomably incredible attributes & love. It is where we find EVERYTHING that we as humans all want. And what we were created for. I encourage you to join me in joining Him.

BLESS YOU future Man of God. I pray right now that you have a power encounter with Him. May the Seven Spirits of God, especially the Spirit of Revelation, begin to radically unfold the wonders of His undying, passionate love & plans for YOU……….


I get this a lot on my MySpace account. Either people know nothing about Freemasonry, are Freemasons, or HATE Freemasonry. I would say the four above are in the last category.

But let them serve as another reminder of what some of the outside lodge opinion is of Freemasonry.


~ by Greg on February 4, 2007.

5 Responses to “Recent Venom”

  1. Hey, Bro! They’re onto us and our satin worshipping! Hope they don’t find out we’re denim worshippers, too!

    Hail Satin the one true Denim!

    Widow’s Son

  2. Wait until they find out that I’m a Silk and Suede worshipper, too!

    Tom Accuosti
    The Tao of Masonry

  3. At least, they haven’t caught on to our love of leather! Especially for our lodge seating arrangements!


  4. Maybe someone could help me find my fat pocket, as I seem to have misplace it.

  5. Ask Nicolas Cage, you probably left it with the National Treasure…


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