Money or no money, that seems to be the question. had an article today that talked about the mysterious institution of Scottish Rite Freemasonry sponsoring the hood of the Busch series NASCAR.

The twist now is in where the money came from. Slates article quotes Stan Dodd, the Scottish Rite’s Public Relations manager saying

“Don’t worry pie-eyed conspiracy theorists. There’s fodder in this story for you, too. What’s the Scottish Rite paying for all this national television exposure – plus the exposure at promotional events in which the Scottish Rite car appears at malls and such, plus the Scottish Rite logo showing up on the team’s souvenir merchandise at the track and online, and so forth? Nothing. Dodd says the Rite’s only contribution is “some staff support.” Dodd also acknowledges that buying placement on the hood of a Busch Series car would generally cost, for a commercial sponsor, up to and over $2 million per season.”

So who’s paying for the sponsorship?

Quoting the Slate article further,

“…Joe Hill, head of public relations for Brian Conz’s racing team, [was] asked to explain how he expected to make up this missing money. What is the team getting from the Scottish Rite in lieu of all that cash? “We’re aligning ourselves with a dynamic, worldwide organization. We expect access and introduction to their members, who will assist us in meeting executive-level corporate leaders interested in getting involved with racing.” Presumably, these rich and important men (because there are no female Masons, after all) will prove useful in sponsoring race teams down the line.

So millions in networking? It doesn’t make sense to me. We sell our fraternal ID to give access to some old rich Masons, maybe pulling in some fans to join the fraternity? Something doesn’t add up. Maybe I should just go directly to the source and ask.


~ by Greg on January 30, 2007.

3 Responses to “Money or no money, that seems to be the question.”

  1. I am totally disgusted by this but I guess I have to trust that the people who made this decision knew what they were doing…


  2. Yes they know. Its all about membership and wait until the SR starts doing the first three degrees. Where does that leave the Grand Lodges??

    The SR is treacherous for they are all about saving themselves not Freemasonry just the Rite.

  3. You think? I don’t know about that. The same is said about the Shrine and I know many good and decent Shriners who attend their Blue Lodge.

    I’m more worried about the type of people this will attract…

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