NASCAR and the selling off of Freemasonry

Ok, I’ve written about this already, as have a few other bloggers.

From previous posts, The Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, has bought sponsorship to a 2007 Busch Series NASCAR, for the going rate of $10,000,000 follars. Not much for the fraternity that generates roughly $4,000,000.00 a day.

But as a Scottish Rite Freemason, a carded, dues paying member, who has given money donations to the House of the Temple, I feel very put off. Ok, maybe thats to wishy washy. I’m mad that the governors of my fraternity would sell my prescious jewels to adorn the vehicles(no pun inended) of our commercial society. One of the very thngs that has lured our membership away from the bonds of our fraternity.

So now, emblazoned with beer, male enhancement vitamins, and oil manufacturers, we get to parade before the throngs of an American audience that has forgotten us.

Its a shame when somone see’s us as a Freemaosn, with our rings or pins, that their question will be, oh, like that car in NASCAR.

The article quotes a fellow named Stan Dodd, who is the manager for public relations for the Scottish Rite, who says its “all about membership”:

“Like a lot of other civic groups,” he said, “we’ve seen our membership get a little older, and we’ve seen some retraction in our numbers.” Dodd says the Masons’ median age right now is in the 60s. “We need some younger members.” “The link)’,’caption’, ‘National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing’ );”>NASCAR demographics fit our demographics,” says Dodd.

We might as well as put applications for blue lodges in the local programs with 20% with this flyer on application fees.

The text below was my reply to the post on the Full Throttle blog.

Probably like every shareholder, not every mason is happy with this sort of corporate endorsement.

10 million spent of membership dues, in any way shape or form, are different than business budgets made up of revenues generated from selling goods and services. But then perhaps that is what the fraternity is doing, selling its goods and services.

For the record, Freemasonry is a fraternal society dedicated to Faith, Hope, and Charity, not NASCAR, Auto Racing, or consumerism.

Not to say that auto racing isn’t into charity, individual examinations of the divine, or brotherly love (forget the Temperance, Fortitude, Prudance, and Justice), but 10 million for a picture on a hood is a loss for the charties it could do good for.

But then I suppose it takes money to make money. Maybe they will start selling shares of the institution next, and then we can all have a say.

This sponsorship really has me re-thinking why I joined the Rite in the first place.


~ by Greg on January 29, 2007.

4 Responses to “NASCAR and the selling off of Freemasonry”

  1. Greta article! Thanks for taking a stand on this SR gimmick

  2. Greg, I posted this as a response to your comment on my blog.

    While I understand your trepidation over money spent on something you have no control over, I spent 10 years working under the UAW’s thumb at Ford Motor Company. During that time I watched the union waste millions on political candidates with opposing views than mine.

    However, I have to say if the Freemasons had to do it they certainly chose the right sport. If it has to be, would you rather have it wasted on the Numerous Felons League or the steroid bloated fools in Major League baseball?

    There also seems to be some dispute over the amount spent. The facts seems to indicate they have not bought a full sponsoship and “only” two million will be the cost for the full year sponsorship. (hood logo only)

    Stan Dodd, who manages public relations, says they donate $2 to charity each day! So 2 million for a 10 month advertising campaign isn’t that far out of line.

    That aside, the Freemasons don’t appear to be close to standing in the soup line. They recently sold a property on Chicago’s North side for $50 million.

  3. Ohio’s GL has sold all our information to credit card companies. All brothers are recieving advertisements in the mail for credit cards, etc…..
    without our permission.

    I’m glad some brothers look forward to a NASCAR/ Freemasonry relationship.
    That is the final nail in the coffin of freemasonry as a system for enlightenment and universal brotherhood and the development of men. This will guarentee it being a social club only. The only difference now between the elks moose and masons will be are ceremonies and ritual, and lack of fellowship in our halls, because we aren’t responsible enough to handle booze, but elks and moose are more resposible.

    Oh, yeah, and until the southern racist GL’s start recognizing the PHA conterparts, those instituions will continue to be filled racists who think it is OK to not recognize based on color.

  4. Here is an update to this story:

    But don’t worry, pie-eyed conspiracy theorists. There’s fodder in this story for you, too. What’s the Scottish Rite paying for all this national television exposure—plus the exposure at promotional events in which the Scottish Rite car appears at malls and such, plus the Scottish Rite logo showing up on the team’s souvenir merchandise at the track and online, and so forth? Nothing. Dodd says the Rite’s only contribution is “some staff support.”

    Any more complaints? Now you know this isn’t costing the Freemasons any cash what’s the problem with it?

    You can go back to pimping Freemason T-shirts and having people ask you, “hey is that shirt made in America?”

    Or building more giant temples with money that could be used elsewhere.

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