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Ok, I admit it, I am a Masonic Booster. I like to promote and build the image of Freemasonry through this blog and a website. But I also am a firm believer in Freemasonry in the community.

With this last months installation of officers, I was made my lodge’s Publicity Chairman, which has a small budget for advertising, or anything that seems fit to do for the lodge to help promote it within the community. We have a few ideas on the table, and as they get closer, I will undoubtedly be writing more on them.

But in the mean time, I have been focused on some of the promotion for an event taking place on February 3rd, 2007.

My lodge, embarking on an eminent career of guest lecturers, has invited the Right Worshipful Tom Jackson, the executive Grand Secretary of the World conference of Masonic Grand Lodges to come and speak on the topic of “Where We Were, Where We Are, & Where We Want to Go.”

For those who don’t know, the World Conference of Masonic Grand Lodges is an organization established to facilitate greater cooperation within international Masonry. It has come together 8 times in the last 12 years in different countries around the globe. This event is closed to the general public, as the subject matter is highly Masonic. If you are in the community and have your dues card handy, I would highly recommend making the RSVP and attending.

Br. Bessel has some information on them on-line here. Unfortunately, the world conference does not have a website at the moment.

Another event I have been working on, not with my home lodge, but with a Masonic Club I am a part of, the Hermes Trismegistus Masonic Club (I actually need to work on that website later today). This event is Open to the public and is Masonic in theme, but not outright in tone.

On Saturday, January 20th, 2007, Eric Palazzo, an esteemed Getty Museum Scholar, and member of the French Rectified Scottish Rite, will be speaking to an open audience of about 100 on Ritual Performance in the Middle ages and Today. I expect this one to be lively and informative.

So needless to say, I have been busy. But truly, I like being a booster for Freemasonry, as it is still part of our “spreading the cement of brotherly love”. If you’re close to Los Angeles, I invite you to these events; I think they will both be very interesting.

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~ by Greg on January 14, 2007.

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