Actions, not our advertising…

This is a subject that I have been sitting on for a while. I’ve actually thought about what the implications are, and what it means for the larger fraternity, but it seems the advertising of Freemasonry goes beyond the local billboards I’ve been finding around Los Angeles lately. Ok, I know the Shrine is not Freemasonry, but remember, for now, to join the Shrine, you first have to be a Freemason.

I’ve actually spotted these in a couple of places along a 20 mile stretch I travel almost daily. The problem I see here is that, even with showing an 800 number, when you call it, you get a local office answering machine that doesn’t mention anything about what to do, why there is a billboard, or even how to join.

The Burning Taper posted on this back a few days and really hit the nail on the head. It seems that the Scottish Rite has implemented an advertising strategy that includes a hood and body sponsorship of Busch series NASCAR racer Brian Conz. Estimated at a cost of 10 Million dollars. I’m glad to see my donations to the House of the Temple are being spent, but as a contributor, I question the benefit of such an investment as any such advertising is contrary to the tenants of Freemasonry.

Not that it matters, no one asked me, a member, on how to spend that money. But advertising for questionably qualified membership will further erode the foundational support that Freemasonry needs to re-build. What better way to fill our roles with half interested members. What happened to waiting for well qualified interested individuals to come to us? Perhaps we need to get back into our communities and make ourselves known by our actions, not our advertising.

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~ by Greg on January 14, 2007.

5 Responses to “Actions, not our advertising…”

  1. In a nut shell… “actions speak louder than words.”

  2. Amen, Brother. I meet worthy and well-qualified candidates every day and I hand out my small “What is Masonry?” business card that has my Lodge number and contact info. If they’re really interested, I hand out the DVD that the GL of Indiana made. That’s how we get petitions in my Lodge. Not by advertising or by commercializing the Craft.

    Joshua M. Armstrong
    Worshipful Master
    Excelsior Lodge #175 F&AM Wisconsin

  3. Bor. Stewart, I suggest you cross back to that post and view comments – I have it on good account that NO money was paid for the sponsorship. Look for an announcement at your Scottish Rite Valley Stated Meeting from the Supreme Council outlining the terms and purpose of the affiliation.

    I can’t link posts because I don’t have a Google account and am uninterested in acquiring one.


    Eric Wells, PM Natoma #64 CA F&AM
    Past Grand Sword Bearer
    32 deg, Sacramento Valley

  4. Twenty years ago, in response to the numerical decline in membership (all the while oblivious to the qualitative decline in lodge activities and member qualifications), the Grand Lodges ran to the corporate marketing types for a solution. Brand it, sell it and they will come. It has not reversed the trend in quantity. And only Masonic Fundamentalists, bloggers and the like have caused the necessary self-examination of the Fraternity that will lead to qualitative reform.

    The worst example in Ohio is the Grand Lodge’s six-figure support of the Special Olympics, monies donated by the majority of subordinate lodges in the state. A great charity and worthy cause, no doubt. But instead of writing the check and sending the Junior Grand Warden over with a check in hand (or better yet, delivered anonimously), the Grand Lodge officers, deputies and other Masons parade around the athletic field before the cheering athletes and their families, wearing officer jewels, short sleeve shirts and ball caps.

    Does Masonry need to solicit such applause from anyone?

    Do we need anyone to tell us the extent of our charity?

    Is this just an example of the marketing angle seeping into every public event?

    An Ohio Freemason

  5. You don’t get a sponsorship without paying for it. Several news articles about this shameless act have stated that SR asked the team to drive THEIR car.

    Propaganda stating its free how laughable! First we had the Idiot and Dummie series now Nascar. Why doesn’t the SR just tell us their real plan, 1-32nd Degree done at the Rite. McMasonry its all about membrship remember?

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