Follow up to the passing of Brother Ford.

Since the news of Brother Gerald Ford’s passing, I have read several e-mails that have asked what Masonic Rites he was given as an art of his passing.

To my knowledge, there have been no official Masonic Funeral Rites given to him in a public ceremony as such.

I have come across several mentions of services that different Masonic bodies are putting on for Brother Ford, including shrouded draped alters and moments of silence, which is how my lodge recognized Br. Ford’s passing last night.

But one such service came to me as an anonymous post reply, which I felt deserved a much larger mention. The link here is a full site eulogizing Gerald Ford and his Masonic funeral, of sorts, given to him by the brothers of Acacia Lodge No. 16 A.F. & A.M, in Clifton Virginia, and Naval Lodge No.4 in Washington DC.

The activity was planned carried out
“To honor our fallen Brother, former President Gerald R Ford, 33rd Degree Master Mason, fellow Brethren from the Washington DC area gathered at Naval Lodge No. 4 at 330 Pennsylvania Ave SE Washington DC Sunday December 31st at 10:30am and walked together to the U.S. Capitol rotunda. We walled about three blocks from Naval Lodge No. 4 to the U.S. Capitol stopping briefly in front of the Capitol at the statue of former President and Brother James A. Garfield and there gave a sort speech. Then we made our way through a one-hour wait inline passing through security checkpoints then into the rotunda where Brother Ford was ling in state. One by one we gave our respect and honors to our fallen Brother.”

Here in are just a few of the images from the site illuminating their procession to give final honors to the distinguished gentleman Brother Gerald Ford.

I recommend looking at the videos hosted on the site for some perspective of the solemnity of the event and even the attention of the media in some places. From the site, ABC even took a few moments to talk to them about Ford as a Mason.

Much praise to you brothers, this was a very noble and dignified act to give recognition to our fallen brother Gerald Ford. My only wish is that I where there to of accompany.

Pictures, videos and content unless otherwise noted have been provided by
Brother William J. Baumbach II, Acacia Lodge No. 16 ©2007

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~ by Greg on January 5, 2007.

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