Masonic Magazine

I wanted to talk about something that many seem to already know about. But for those who don’t, I wanted to introduce you to Masonic Magazine.

I remember coming across Masonic Magazine a year or so ago, at the point that the first issue was coming together. I don’t remember where I came across it, but thought, even then, that it would be a great independent resource of Masonic light.

A year rolled on, and my life took on its usual amount of curves, and, in a nutshell, I forgot all about the publication and completely missed the boat.

Flash-forward to a few months ago, where on one of my digital haunts, I stumbled upon a reference and link to it again, but this time with a full year of issues on the street. Remembering my last mistake, I quickly bought up the issue I missed and subscribed to the next year.

What I found in that years writing was a rapidly evolved publication with insightful and wise analysis on many of the topics relevant to the membership today. Much of the writing is in a manner both comfortable and easy to read that speaks to the interest level of every Freemason. The quarterly publication has focuses on everything from membership levels, to the problems facing the fraternity today, and to the history of our gentle craft. One article very early on by Stephen Dafoe, the magazines publisher, spoke about an earlier Masonic magazine “the Builder” and its unfulfilled legacy. In that article, Br. Dafoe asked who in the future would work to present this vital information to the craft. But the answer, I feel, resides just in its asking.

Masonic Magazine is a great publication, very much worth the read, and an invaluable resource to Freemasonry.

Great job brothers.

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~ by Greg on November 7, 2006.

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  1. Looks nifty…I think the link is busted, tho.

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