by W:.Tim Bryce, PM, MPS
Palm Harbor, Florida, USA
“A Foot Soldier for Freemasonry”

I guess it is time for me to finally weigh in on the subject of recognizing Prince Hall Masonry. This has been a subject that has been debated for a number of years and, as a young Mason, I originally bowed to the wisdom of my elders in this regard. But the Grand Lodge of Delaware recently recognized Prince Hall and thus brought the issue back into the spotlight. This leaves the Dixie states as the only remaining jurisdictions who have yet to recognize Prince Hall. (For a U.S. map showing Prince Hall recognition, see Bro. Paul Bessel’s web page.

I have heard several rationalizations down here as to why this is so, such as, “Well, its those AF&AM’s up north; they do things differently up there.” Translation: “We have the true faith, the northerners are wrong.” Another cop-out is, “According to our constitution, we are prohibited from approaching another Masonic body, but they can approach us.” Translation: “They can kiss our ass.”

I have listened to all of the arguments and I have come to the conclusion that no matter how you slice or dice it, it is all about bigotry. Don’t let anyone con you on this; Its not about who recognizes who or who practices the proper degree work, its about bigotry. Period.

I have read many news clippings where Prince Hall Masons do exceptional work in the black community. They offer help, aid, and assistance when others will not. As such, they are a positive influence on their communities. Why? Because they took the same obligations as all other Masons do. I would much rather have Prince Hall Masons work with our communities than the Black Panthers or some other extremist organization. They are positive role models for others to emulate.

I’ve also heard stories that their degree work is every bit as good as any other jurisdiction (perhaps better), and their members every bit as committed to the fraternity as any other grand jurisdiction. If this is all true, I can think of no reason why we wouldn’t be willing to sit down and discuss cooperation, unless of course we are unwilling to sit down with the black man. And understand this, recognition of a Masonic body is most definitely not the same thing as merging; it simply means we recognize it as a legitimate organization (not clandestine) and that the Brothers are entitled to be treated the same as any other Mason, with all of the rights and privileges thereof.

In 1994, the United Grand Lodge of England (UGLE) adopted a resolution recognizing the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Since then, the UGLE has also recognized Prince Hall in many other states (source, Bro. Paul Bessel). If the UGLE, the mother of Grand Lodges in the United States, recognizes Prince Hall, one has to wonder if the Dixie jurisdictions are in some sort of violation for not conforming with their mother Grand Lodge.

A few years ago the Grand Lodge of Minnesota created a stir in the fraternity when it recognized the Grand Lodge of France which was considered clandestine by many grand jurisdictions. Consequently, many jurisdictions rescinded their recognition of the Grand Lodge of Minnesota until they finally revoked recognition of France. Using this same logic, if the Dixie jurisdictions truly consider Prince Hall Masonry as clandestine, they should revoke recognition of all grand jurisdictions who recognize Prince Hall (including the UGLE). Failure to do so is hypocrisy. This of course won’t happen as the Dixie jurisdictions would face isolation in a remarkably similar fashion as the southern states did in the American Civil War.

Back in the early 1960’s, Alabama Governor George Wallace gained national recognition for his opposition to school integration. But Wallace’s opposition was overturned by the federal government. To Wallace’s credit though, he changed with the times. For those people who saw Wallace as nothing more than an icon for discrimination in the 1960’s, they never saw the many black government appointments he made in the 1970’s and 1980’s. Although Wallace has been gone for some time now, he left behind a legacy of black officials who are performing their tasks as competently as their white counterparts. The point is, once Wallace recognized it was time to change, he adapted admirably.

Brothers, the choice is rather obvious: we either put our hatred and hypocrisy aside and sit down and act like Brothers, or we continue to embarrass the fraternity by fighting the Civil War for another hundred years. What will it be?

Keep the Faith.

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~ by Greg on November 3, 2006.


  1. It is about time we change with the other states and do what is right! I would gladly put my name on a bill to be voted on at the next convention. I have no experience writing the legislation we see to vote on, but would gladly join a committee to draft said changes. I want to be apart of any team that will help Florida Masons recognize other masons.

  2. Tim,
    The New Mexico Grand Lodge and the Prince Hall Grand Lodge recognized each other at the NMGL quarterly meeting in 1990 or 91, I don’t remember. To my knowledge, no one visited any Prince Hall Lodge until 2000 when, as Master of my Lodge, I called the Prince Hall Lodge Master and ask if Our Officers could attend one of their 3rd degrees. We were treated warmly and their floor work is above most of the New Mexico lodges and their catacish is beyond reproach. Yes, they do some minor things different than AF&AM, but it is almost the same. We had a 3rd degree the following Tuesday and I invited all present to attend our lodge. Almost the entire Prince Hall GL and the Prince Hall lodge showed up. We had a great time and everyone was happy except one of our OLD Foggys who walked out. (Racism in action) After lodge, at refreshment, I commented to the PHGM that they did some things that I wished we did and he said the same thing. It was a great learning experience, and I will always remember it.

    Fred Fleming PM Sandia Mt#72

  3. I agree with the gist of this article. It is time and past time that the Southern Grand Lodges, including my own of Mississippi, move to implement the true spirit of Freemasonry, and sit down with our brothers in fraternal amity. It cannot come too soon.

    The only quibble I’d make is with the Civil War references — that was about a great deal more than a slavery/race issue.

  4. It’s about time the Southern Grand Lodges quit saving Dixie Cups in the hope that “The South Shall Rise Again!”.

    Even the Grand Lodge of Virginia has accepted the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Virginia as regular Masons.

  5. The sad truth is that if a survey were taken I think you would find that most of the members in Florida are from other states, mostly northern. So I don’t think it fair to put the problem at the doorstep of the southerners.

  6. In my lodge there are 3 blacks.
    Should anybody raise any obiection to work with these Brethren, he would kindly but firmly accompanied to the door.
    Giovanni Lombardo
    Adriano Lemmi lodge # 400
    Grande Oriente d’Italia

  7. I have recentley returned from the GLNC meeting, and was appauld with my brothers in NC, this has been on the agende for the past 5 years and it has been voted down again, the majority of the masons in attendance felt sure that it would pass this year. I am a transplant from the north and those brothers that think this a battle of the civil war again better wake up or the southern lodges a going to sucking hind t–. I to have the seen the PH lodges work with in their community and are receiving head lines in the local newspapers, and that is what the white lodges need is roconition in their community, exposure oh well nuf said, itsjust a shame that those in south have their head in the sand
    Guees who

  8. You should not tell the Dixie states what we should do or to whom we should do it with just keep your comments to yourself.

    Thank you

  9. As I find the mute button & delete key a token for sanity it seems a “demit” will be the password for principle.

    A.H. McClelland, PM, MPS
    Fellowship # 265
    Tampa, FL.

  10. Brethern,
    I must add a note as to why I can not recognise a PH mason. It was part of my 3rd degree obligation..Therefore I am obligated not to have masonic consul with a member of the PH or clandestine state lodge. I am not a bigot, we do not save our dixie cups. DO YOU REMEMBER THE WORDS OF YOUR OBLIGATION?
    A Bro in the South.

  11. Bro Tim:

    I only have two words about your write up on Prince Hall Masonry….
    “Here, Here!!!!”

    Al Adams
    PDDGM, British Columbia

    PS: Enjoy your articles, keep it up.

  12. I have asked the questions as to if a black man could be a mason in my lodge and although most thought it could happen some were sure it would not. So even if the price hall masons were not excepted why are black in general turned away ? I don’t believe this is every lodge around here but just the one I am apart of.

    David M


  13. I belong to a Tennessee Lodge and i would like to see the black amd white masons get along and stand up together.

    W.M. DArrell Jackson
    Canton Lodge #481
    Celina. Tn,

  14. I couldn’t agree more about the disgrace this is causing the Masonic Lodges in the “Dixie” state, on both sides. As a young mason one of the biggest turn-offs is the lack of recognition between the two entities. The damage this issue is doing to the lodges on both sides is enormous, especially when recruiting is already exceptionally low. The general population of people that the Masons are supposed to be helping is looking in and seeing that we can’t even get along amongst ourselves. Letting the old prejudices rule what is supposed to be an ancient fraternity of equals is embarrassing to say the least. Hopefully if enough people are complaining things are going to change. It would be a shame for the great works of both lodges in the “Dixie” states to disappear due to ignorance.

    Jerry M

  15. It is my personal belief that PH Masonry should be recognized.

    The Lodges are clandestine only because we say they are. Other Grand Lodges, who we recognize, recognize PHM. I seems Fraternally logical that we may put faith in the word and precidence of these other recognized Grand Lodges as to the acceptiblity of PH Masonry.

    I will also state that in discussing this matter with other Brothers, those against it base their opinion solely on a firm and steadfast bigotry – nothing more.

    The failure of “Dixie” states to accept PH Masonry perpetuates an evil, diminishes Freemasonry at large, and is an embarrassment (or should be) to our egalitarian principals.

    Regretably, I fear we are not even close to resolving this issue. I also expect some Brothers may even distance themselve from me for expressing my opinion – and I will actually miss them for their more laudable Masonic attributes I know them to possess.


    Todd Wehling, PM
    Omega Lodge No. 380 F&AM

  16. I am rather new to Masonry, but soon after I was raised I learned that blacks were shunned from entering. This really did not make sense to me. Here we are saying that all men are equal and we fail to treat them as equals.

    When I asked why this was I was told that they had their own lodges and “This is how they want it”. Now I know this is not true because I have spoken to a few and they do want into our lodges but have been turned away.

    I don’t know how to correct this but it does put a sour taste in this young mason’s mouth.

  17. I agree with Tim, I enjoy ready all of Tim’s work, he does a great job. But we as Master Masons, need to stand up and vote to allow the Prince Hall Lodge’s. We live beside, work with black’s daily and what is the difference to sitting in lodge with them? Not one difference. Let’s stand strong together and let’s join together all masons so we can help our communities.

  18. I love how southerners tell northerners to stay out of their business, but we as masons are also obligated to whisper good council when a brother may be acting impropoer.
    Take the Good Council southern man, don’t worry if it is Northerners asking for you to join us in the 21st century.
    Hypocracy can be seen by any one and there is nothing more hypocritical than caiming to stand for principles and tenets, yet adhere to racist rules everyone knows to be Wrong and UNMASONIC!
    Tolerance, Equality, Brotherhood and Support cannot exist when anyone allows racism into our fraternity and perpetuates those tenets.
    How can a GL claim to be masonic and stand for those principles when they accept racism as something they stand for?
    Too bad we don’t have some GL people in this country WHO can make a difference when wrong doings exist in our midst.
    What are the title seekers afraid of?
    Once in the GL line, it is gravy train to the top. Is taking on this issue such a threat to ones Masonic Career?
    Please people, man up and end racism in our fraternity. I would rather loose all dues card carrying racists to have a fraternity of men who practice the tents.
    Quality over quantity, people!

  19. Our Northern Brothers have always seen themselves as our moral and intellectual superiors. They continue to think they know what is best for everyone– screaming for the mote to be removed from their southern brothers’ eyes while they are unwilling to address the beam in their own eye…

    The white Northern Masons have themselves for scores of years refused to recognize Prince Hall and NOW see the errors of their ways and the ways of their Yankee forbearers.

    NOW they are free from their racism (just like they were free of their slaves in the 1800’s after selling them to the south instead of emancipating and integrating with them)

    [WAS it racism up North? I never heard them say so. Perhaps it is only possible to be racist if you reside in the south, but I digress…]

    Why do our enlightened Yankee brothers NOW recognize Prince Hall? Why didn’t they recognize them 10 years ago? 5 years ago? Last year in some cases?

    Was it racism? Certainly not! But you did have to come to a different conclusion regarding the matter than your forbearers did.

    In this I applaud your courage.

    It is imprudent and hypocritical to NOW expect everyone else to do like you did when YOU think it appropriate.

    Your repeated attack on the southern states via Paul Bessel’s Confederate Map, etc., is reprehensible.

    Why must you always think the worst of us?

    Why don’t you let us work out our destiny just like you all did?

    Why do you feel it your duty to say when, where, and how things should happen outside of your jurisdiction?

    How long must the south be the whipping-boy of the rest of the states and the world?

    Shame! Shame on you all!

    The brotherhood of man, huh? Balderdash!

    Paul C. Graham
    Columbia, South Carolina

  20. First of all, I don’t recognize the UGLE as my jurisdiction’s “Mother Lodge”. We don’t take any direction from them and if they want to recognise PH Masonry, or The Grand Lodge of France, or the Members of so-called Co-Masonry, then that’s up to their conscious. It is not their place to show us how to act and it’s not our business to tell Southern Grand jurisdictions how to act. Why would you presume to tell ours how to behave?
    There is no Federal Grand Lodge in the United States. If this ever changes, I’ll be out the door.

    That being said, I can’t see how indidvual members of Southern juisdtictions reconcile banning black memebers or not recoginising PH Masonry. Nevertheless, it is their choice and we should respect it. I will not be their judge. I hope they will not attempt to be mine.

  21. No southern Grand Lodge banns a man on account of his skin color. Neither does Prince Hall, from what I am told.

    There is nothing to prevent either Grand Lodge from integrating with other races except themselves, although the issue of recognition would remain untouched.

    A white PH mason could not gain entrance into a traditional Lodge, nor could a black traditional mason gain entrance into a PH Lodge.

    I know of at least one black traditional mason here. I have not met any white PH masons, but I am sure they exist.

    [Of course, we have many other ethnicities represented in southern Grand Lodges, but that is probably just a cover because all southern Masons are racist, aren’t they?]

    Mutual recognition and concurrent jurisdiction is a problem, a serrious problem, for both parties in this jurisdiction at present.

    Apparently it can be overcome.

    It cuts two ways. Crying “racism” and using other slanderous/insulting language against your supposed brethren of the south only turns the issue—one of serious importance— into a pissing contest.

    Paul C. Graham

  22. The Minnesota GL comparison does make one think.
    It would be interresting to know the opinion from brothers of the Clergy.
    North or South, Old or Young, we must practice tolerence and stop giving ammunition to anti-masons.

  23. Actually, here in Florida it really isn’t our choice. You see, the majority of the Florida Masons are in the southern half of Florida, and most of us are in favor of recognition and feel that it is long overdue. Unfortunately, the Grand Lodge is up north in Jacksonville and is controlled by a bunch of rednecks and bigots (still brothers, technically) who will not budge.

    It’s getting pretty bad. Many of the lodges down here in South Florida have begun talking about seceeding from the Grand Lodge of Florida. Personally, I would love to see it. I would have no problem calling the Grand Lodge in Jacksonville clandestine!!

  24. Mr. (or Bro.) Bryce: You are obviously a Yankee import, not a Southern native. I am absolutely disgusted with the Yankee habit of assumed superiority, and of meddling in the business of others. If and when we in our Grand Jurisdiction are ready to do so, we will recognize Prince Hall Masonry. I myself have known quite a few PH Masons, and think highly of them. It is not, however, your business what my GL decides to do or not to do. If you are unhappy with the South and Southern attitudes, may I suggest that you did not arrive in the South on a one-way highway. There are flights leaving daily for other parts of this great country; there are also Interstate highways that will take you North and West. Pick one. Let us hear no more nonsense from you.

  25. Calling W. Bro Bryce a yankee import would imply that the war had a different result. Mr. Bryce is not a visitor to a southern lodges or states, but a dues paying, active brother and American. He has the right, not priviledge to speak his mind in the southern part of the USA, not CSA. There are many southern brothers who are for reccognition but have been silenced by the majority. This is one of the lodge attendence issues. Freemasonry is not a club. It a brotherhood of good men with high moral standards. It is shameful that this issue is not adressed by now.

  26. Howdy from the South Brothers and fellow bloggers. First off, any Grand Lodge can and should do their own thing. Official recognition of other Grand Lodges and appendant organizations is necessary however, if we are not going to share our own minor little secrets with the whole world or dilute the special society we are members of. I am all for meeting and conferring with Prince Hall if they desire. This is a Grand Lodge matter. Grand Lodges are made up of Past Masters and lodge representatives. As a matter of the human condition it must be recognized that not all people can put their upbringing behind them and rise to one of the first lessons we learn as Masons.

    Here in Texas,(under the Grand Lodge of Texas af&am) we have two black Masters of lodges. The quality of work in my own lodge has improved due to the several smart black brothers who are active in the line. Perhaps they know that they have an important role to play in paving the way for other men of color to be properly imbraced as full and equal brothers.

    If a petitionier is rejected simply because of his race, that is indeed wrong and the brothers doing so need to study their work and take it seriously. Anyway despite my enlightened thoughts, I stand here a proud redneck Texan the descendant of numerous Rebels and a son of the South. Yankees, don’t worry I love you too and am an American first and always.
    Scott Hill Bumgardner
    PM, Jacques DeMolay #1390, GL of Tx

  27. I once thought that there couldn’t be a change. However, I am one whom can surely expound on the change this world has done. I live in Virginia. When I first came here, I couldn’t find not one lodge deemed “White” that would take me. That is now gone. This may happen in many southern states, and even in Virginia. However, through the blessings of the GAOTU I am now a 32° mason in the valley of Richmond. I am a proud Afro- American and one who supports masonry. We must all understand that in the end, our deeds will be our cabletow around our necks, not our race. May we forever remember that the GAOTU made man, not division, love and light. We made all the rest with freewill. May we all come back to the light, and illuminate the rest of the world with truth. So Mote It BE.

  28. Brothers, I am a Prince Hall Affilliated Freemason. The question of recognition is very interesting. I am also a member of the US Military stationed in Germany, and one thing that I have noticed is the lack of Lodges here. The only Lodges that I have seen associated with the military in these overseas locations are Prince Hall Lodges, and this includes more than 10 countries. In every Lodge that I have visited from Maryland, Washington, and Oklahoma, all PHA there have been white, black, hispanic, phillipino, african, and so many other races that I am feel somewhat ashamed when I go to the States and am not even recognized as beeing a part of our fraternity. In my Lodge we even have one German Brother. We even have guys who I have no idea what race they are, and really don’t care.

    How can we be so separatist in the States and expect the rest of the world to follow our lead in damn near all we do? I am proud to be affiliated with our Ancient Craft of Freemasonry and hope that one day we can overcome this great divide and rise to the occassion as the premier fraternal organization of the world, only speaking of the ways of the past, saying, “I can’t beleive people actually did stuff like that”.

    Brother Moore
    Perfect Square Lodge #88
    Washington and it’s Jurisdiction
    District #9 (PHA)
    Mannheim Germany

  29. I agree with the brother when he states that it is time that we recognize PH Masons in the South.

    A brother asked if southern masons were racist? All I have to say is I have been told by a few Louisiana “brothers” that if a N****R were ever admitted to sit in “their” lodge they would leave and take others with them.
    This attitude makes me sick to my stomach.
    I have fought against racism in my own “Christian family” for 25 years and wish that we would stand by our own words and accept men who are “good” and make them better.

  30. “Free at last, free at last. Thank God Almighty, I’m free at last”. Yet we have brothers who would never consider a black man as an equal. Perhaps they think God had a pecking order as to who is better. I don’t think so. I know brothers in my lodge who would not sit in a lodge with a black man. So be it. I’m could never change their thoughts on this matter. Perhaps they think that heaven will be divided, too? I’m 66 years old and remember thinking as a child how lucky I was to be born white; and at the same time wondering what it would have been like to have been born black, red or yellow. It was not my choice; it was God’s choice. Whom am I to question Him? Being born white did not make me any more important than any other race. I was born and raised in Tennessee, but thank God, I was not raised a racist! The Bible said that “God created man”. I don’t remember reading where it said that “God created the White Man first and he is much better that the rest of the trash on earth”. Please, ask God to remove these racist, bigoted thoughts from our hearts.

  31. Well, Brothers, Dixie HAS started the process. On April 10, 2005, the Grand Lodge of Maryland and the Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Maryland signed a mutual recognition agreement. Maryland is south of the Mason-Dixon line, and is the first state in “Dixie” to recognize PH.

    The agreement was signed on the same desk used by Bro. George Washington to tender his resignation as Commander of the Continental Armies, as shown in the famous painting. GL of MD has that desk in it’s museum, and was placed in the Grand Lodge room for that day, and that purpose.

    In addition, on October 18, 2005, a joint 3rd degree meeting was held in the Grand Lodge room of the GL of MD. Due to the differences in ritual, the PH brothers conferred the 3rd degree on one of their FC’s, and after lunch, the GL of MD conferred the 3rd degree on one of their FC’s.

    The room was filled with Masons, both PH and “four-letter” (I was informed that since PH is F&AM, they refer to us as the “four-letter” masons).

    It was a priviledge to sit side-by-side with my brothers, and discuss our similarities (and differences)

    The 2 Grand Lodges communicate with each other, and participate in each others’ events.

  32. Good to speak of Prince Hall. Being a non-Mason I might not have much insight, but I know all people share the common features of bones and blood together. Along with what strength maybe enhanced within the body and mind with the tools of perception is the work of oneself.Under no circumstanse would I want to believe any lodge harboring klansman, because that is anti-masonic.

  33. I would just like to first compliment your willingness to address such a serious issue concerning our fraternity. It is absolutely,downright shamefull that this is even like this.I have experienced a simular situation here in Mississippi dealing with a very hopefull candidate that happens to be white.He sought masonry the correct way by “asking” and found out (unknowingly) that the racial issue stands firm with our so called “white brothers”. They literally asked if his wife was white and not(get this)”COLORED”! He then told me that he didnt want to go through a lodge like that and asked me if PHA of Mississippi felt the same way concerning the “race” of a man. I felt bad for him because he had to go through that.So,I really need to find out what the PHA Grand Lodge here thinks about white candidates.I feel stupid for even having to find out because I KNOW the principles of freemasonry state nothing about a mans “skintone”. Anyway,I thank you for a site like this one and maybe one day the statement “making good men,better” will hold true!

  34. To the brethren that insist on considering Prince Hall Masons as clandestine and recognizing the same would be non-compliant to the obligation is absolutely ludicrous! The lineage of the PH Grand Lodges can be traced (unbroken I might ad) to the UGLE…do your homework. Masonically, “clandestine-made” would refer to a body operating without a legal charter “from a Grand body of competent jurisdiction empowering it to work”. This is not so with the Prince Hall Grand Lodges.

  35. Brethren,

    I to feel that PHM should be recognized. But I feel that many are too quick to jump up and scream that it is racism preventing this in the southern states. As a mason who has been born and raised in the south I feel that racism is not as common as many think. I am sure there are racist brothers in F&AM, AF&AM, and PHA, but I do not feel it is as common as many have made it out to be. I personally have experienced more discrimination while visiting the north than anywhere else, many northerners discriminate against me because I am from the south and no other reason.

    I have recently had discussions with a brother in Florida and according to him Florida did try to recognize PHM at one point, but it was the PHGL that rejected it. I have no reason to doubt this brother as I know for a fact that he has been in masonry for years and at one point was affiliated with the GL of FL. Why was it rejected? Who knows, but if you preach that racism is the only thing preventing recognition then you must also preach that PHM are racist against whites in this situation. NO, I DO NOT FEEL THIS TO BE TRUE!, but according to many who have posted on this subject racism is the reason recognition has not taken place therefore the GL preventing recognition is the racist ones which in this example would not be the whites.

    I feel lodge politics may have something to do with the reasoning behind this. As many are aware there are differences in ritual work etc.. I think part of the reason may be reconciling the differences to where each GL is able to insure that the rituals, obligations, etc stay pure and do not get mixed up with ones from a different GL. I feel that this fear resides on both sides. I also feel as if many GL’s on both sides might fear that the other GL will try to usurp their authority and govern all lodges thus eliminating one GL.

    I think people should open their minds, just as we ask the antis to do, and look at other sides of the situation. To publicly call a group of people racist, accuse them of ahereing to racist rules and values is very unmasonic in my opinion. Since I am from the south and a member of a lodge that falls under a GL that does not recognize PHM, then many on this board have labeled me a racist and accused me of adhereing to racist rules without even knowing me and this is wrong and unmasonic. Lets all take our blinders off, look at all aspects of the situation, and start working towards a solution rather than point fingers and make accusations. I for one intend on having a discussion with our MWGM regarding this subject the next time I see him. I too look forward to the day when we all can sit in a lodge together and meet on the level.



    Spoken like a true Mason!

  38. First, I will point out that I am not a Freemason. However I have several relatives who are or have been, and have been very interested myself. The #1 reason that I hesitate in exploring further is that I cannot condone or join an organization demonstrating and supporting bigotry. I recognize that this is an historical inheritance, but it seems against everything else I have read about Freemasonry.

  39. I am a mason from Tn. It will take time, but it will happen. I believe it will be up to the younger brothers to get the job done. I love my older brethren but it seems that they can’t let go of the past. Will it take the old dieing off to accomplishing this. I hope not . There needs to be a dialogue between all masons to fix this . How can seek the light if we are blinded by color. We must keep working toward this goal. D.R.R.

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