So, what are we to do with the masons?

I ran across this 7 part series a few weeks back, and have been waiting for its conclusion and time to talk about it. Really, what this series strikes me as is the anecdotal revelation of a failed evangelical minister, but I hate to cast any dispersion on the author. But, by his own admission, he and his family no longer preach or attend a Mason-Free church. Instead, he stays at a “Masonic Stronghold”, because it is just closer to home….principals be damned.

The story is an interesting read I must admit, with a lot of twists and turns. It would be a natural for a USA Network or a Lifetime Channel movie.

Essentially what the tale boils down to is the author’s personal discovery that the Freemasons are a sinister force within the church… But, not because he witnesses any animal sacrifice, or because he see evil rituals, or even because he sees strange goat riding at open-house BBQ’s, no, he comes to this conclusion because of what he watched and read from other ministers, never once taking to the time to go to a lodge to sit down to talk with any Freemasons. He took that personal revelation a step further and hijacked others peoples ideas for his own. They think Freemasonry is bad, I think it might be, so then it must be!!!

The story starts off with a woman who asks him, as a pastor, if the masons are ok because her husband wants to join. This question leads him through an odyssey of revivalist meetings, church sermons, and introductions to elders who are Masons, even implying a mans death is because of his Masonic affiliation (insert scary music here). At one point he is introduced and patronized by churches “dominated by masons” which eventually ask him to leave when he proceeds to say “your wrong, I’m right” about Freemasonry. With this brush with the devil, he is convinced that his interactions with the Masons are no coincidence, and are instead divinely inspired moments of personal revelation. Never mind the fact that the people he is preaching to may not like him because he speaks ill of their institutions. No, it must be because they are conflicted with the devil and not right-minded towards the “sufficiency of scriptures” as he sees it. What gets me is the way that evangelicals like this take a tack of I’m right, your wrong and your just going to go to hell if you disagree with me. It seems very backward to the inherent ideas of the Christian doctrine of “Love thy neighbor”. The sensationalism of the story runs amuck and overpowers any reasonable argument, however, which paints a sinister picture of misguided congregations and evil Masonic occupation. Sounds like it’s everyone else but the author who is on the wrong path…

I’ll let you decide for yourself in reading his seven-part thesis. But in the end, his “final solution” is clear:

There is nothing that we can do. The masons are as old as Solomon. No amount of public criticism or ridicule will make them go away. Rest assured, there are masons in your family. It’s a secret society. They’ve sworn to never mention it to anyone. That’s why they have a bumper sticker that says: 2b1ask1. Do you remember 1 Kings 18 where Elijah goes up against 450 prophets of Baal? Do you remember that they slew those prophets? Have you ever thought that the men they slew were someone’s husband, father, brother, uncle, cousin or best friend? It’s not an easy thing condemning those closest to us for involving themselves in something we don’t personally believe in.

Freemasons, it seems, should be dealt with, as he relates in this statement, like the prophets of Baal of 1 Kings, where he cites vs. 18 as their round up. But the part he fails to mention is verse 40 is where Elijah then commands the slaughter of the Baal prophets (Freemasons).

1 Kings 18:40 Then Elijah commanded them, “Seize the prophets of Baal. Don’t let anyone get away!” They seized them, and Elijah had them brought down to the Kishon Valley and slaughtered there.

If anything else, this piece make it pretty clear what some of the profane world thinks about our noble institution. With this personal revelation, I can see how so many others can be duped into believing the same thing too.

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~ by Greg on October 27, 2006.

One Response to “So, what are we to do with the masons?”

  1. I just want to add to the story this: I have written several comments, the first quite in depth in support of something Bro. Greg wrote, as the minister’s story progressed, and never were my comments allowed to see the light of day. After all, I’m a sinister Freemason….


    Widow’s Son

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