The Three Faces of Brother George

A new exhibit at the home of George Washington on Mount Vernon is opening with a flavor to de-diefy George Washington and try to project him as a the mortal he was.

I heard this story on NPR tonight on my way home, and though it doesn’t say a word about his Masonic affiliations, it does go into pretty clear detail about the “visual” life of brother George though.

Executive director Jim Rees, of the Mount Vernon museum says…

“There are some people who’ve commented that Washington must have been born old,” Rees says. “Occasionally, they use the word ‘boring.’ And that really hurts us.”

So, like reality TV today, they have given him a makeover, a 1 million dollar, wax sculpture makeover.

Using Forensic science, they have brought back to wax life George Washington at 19 as a Surveyor, at 45 at the battle of Valley Forge , and at 57 during his inauguration.

The three wax Washingtons will be on display when the new Mount Vernon visitors center opens Oct. 27. And yes, the famous false teeth are on display, too. Contrary to popular belief, they’re made of ivory, not wood.


~ by Greg on October 26, 2006.

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