My Masonic Ink

Following a tradition that many brothers before me have traveled, I finally followed though on something I have been telling myself I wanted to do for some time.

I finally got my own Masonic ink.

Other brothers in the blogs and websites, such as Br. Powell from Ars Masonica and Br. Horn from Masonic Ink, have talked about getting theirs, so I figured a few weeks back, I decided it was time to get mine.

One story about Masonic ink dates back to 1849, which is retold by Br. Drew on the website “Masonic Ink”. Early in my Masonic career I had come across this same story, and it had always stood out in my head as profound. The story goes like this….

“The first Masonic funeral service in California in 1849 was for the body of an unknown Freemason who was found drowned in the bay. A Mark Master’s silver mark was found on the body. Tattooed on his left arm were the emblems of the E.A.; on his right arm the emblems of a F.C.; on his left breast the lights of Freemasonry and over his heart a pot of incense. On other parts of his body were a beehive, sword and heart, all-seeing eye, hourglass, sun, moon, stars, comet, 3 steps, weeping virgin and Father Time with his scythe.” – the Ultimate Anthology

It was ultimately the basis for my own Masonic ink.

I will now always remember and forever reminded others that I am a Freemason by being adorned with its beautiful jewels for the remainder of my life.

For those curious about the image, and they symbolism, it is a piece created by myself, as a symbolic representation of my Masonic journey and education. It is called the Ordo-Structor which

“represents the ever renewing idea of Freemasonry as traveled through the time-immemorial mystery schools. The Gnostic idea of “As Above – So Below” is represented in the stars mirroring one another, with a 3rd star introduced to represent the 3 great lights of Freemasonry. The 47th Problem of Euclid stands as the path to finding our center, measuring our furthest reaches. Below is the reminder of the fleetingness of time, it being ever in motion away from us. the serpent represents the cycle of time, even though brief to us, it is still unending. And ultimately, all centered around the all seeing eye of the Great Architect, overseeing all”.

So mote it be.

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~ by Greg on October 26, 2006.

3 Responses to “My Masonic Ink”

  1. Awesome TAT!

    Cheers – Dinah

  2. That’s beautiful!

  3. Very nice ink, brother!


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