Coincidences and Tangents-Sandusky, Ohio

I had an e-mail sent to me with someone asking about open Masonic emblems in the “profane” world and I found myself scratching my head trying to think up some.

Now a lot of conspiracy buffs (nuts?) like to point to Washington D.C. as being rife with square and compasses, pentagrams, and owls (from the “Bohemian Grove” influences) or even to mirror ancient start alignments. But seriously, I was hard pressed to find ANYTHING that stood out as a Freemasonry influenced design.

What I did find was a surprise, but not as glamorous as many would like to believe. I found the city of Sandusky, Ohio, where the original grid planner, a Master Mason named Hector Kilbourne, built the biggest symbol of freemasonry right into the cities layout. Kilbourne also happened to be the first Worshipful Master of the Sandusky Masonic Lodge. I’m sure at the time of the founding, there was a prominence of Freemasonry in the city that was alive and well, but in the 176 years since the once majestic emblem of Freemasonry, built into the infrastructure, has all but been erased by the growth of the city. There does still exist a Masonic Lodge in Sandusky, which is Science Lodge #50.

Sandusky city planning grid

The modern city of Sandusky, Ohio. From Google Maps

I would be interested to hear from anyone who has any other examples. Perhaps there are other cities that have just as much Masonic influence, influence that you can follow to its source and verified, not just speculated wildly about.

Harvey Keital — Agent Sandusky, the FBI Agent – “NATIONAL TREASURE”

An interesting aside, the city of Sandusky’s name was also the name of the FBI agent in “National Treasure”. Not a huge surprise for a movie based on loosely linked secrets and veiled connections, but definitely an oh, I see… moment.

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~ by Greg on October 19, 2006.

4 Responses to “Coincidences and Tangents-Sandusky, Ohio”

  1. “Fascinating, Captain.” I did not know that.

    Downtown New Orleans is rife with Masonic symbols in the buildings and neutral zones, but I’d be hard-pressed right now to give any examples.

    Widow’s Son

  2. i live near sandusky and it was known around here by masons. It is very cool how ingenous are forefathers were, what happened to that type of mason?

  3. I couldnt find it.. but Ive heard many times that brussels belgium was built using alot of masonic designs.

  4. To let you know I was born in sandusky Ohio, and Sandusky was the first city to use the masonic symbol for its grid.

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