Does Freemasnory need a Mancation?

I was up late the other night, watching Nightline when they ended an episode with a segment on a thing called a “Mancation

It’s not in Webster’s dictionary yet, so you have to broaden your search to the Urban Dictionary, where you will find the definition of Mancation as:

When normal males engage in “guy” activities that involve sports, camping, gambling, chasing women and most of all drinking amongst their all, and only, male friends. No wives, mistresses or girlfriends allowed. Done in order to get in touch with their male-primal roots.

The segment followed and talked to some men on a Mancation and asked them what it was that was so appealing about going on just this sort of adventure, and the fellow said:

“…its guys sitting back, smoking cigars, playing poker, drinking whisky…something men did 80 years ago, it’s a throw back to manhood.”

It strikes me that it was something Freemasonry did a long time ago too…

The news reporter identified it as a “guy’s way” of getting pampered, but it seemed more like a bonding experience between men, sharing the experience of maleness and fraternity. I’m sure some will construe it to mean a night of debauchery and intemperance, but that’s the point of Freemasonry, right, to teach us where those boundaries are…

I really do think this is where Freemasonry lost itself. There is no longer the time or space to be men. Besides wives and ladies at dinners and the other concordant orders, the only male community is the Festive Board, if a lodge decides to have one.

Maybe Freemasonry needs a Mancation.

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~ by Greg on October 8, 2006.

2 Responses to “Does Freemasnory need a Mancation?”

  1. My brother I would just like to say that I agree with men just need to have a men’s night. our lodge has A day of fellowship at least once a month at a brothers home. we invite others that might also be interested in masonary. And every Monday a few with out fail get together for a cigar and a drink.

  2. I am pleased to say that alkl of our weekly Lodge meetings exclude women. We have managed to secure ourselves this small space of one evening each week which we can call ours and ours alone, and the women respect that.

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