Going National…

Before you read it somewhere else, it may be easier to read from within.

It looks like the debate in Alabama is hitting the national news wire. The Washington Post
is running an Associated Press story that has a few quotes from the Grand Lodge of Alabama’s Grand Master on the goings on there.

The two statements that stood out to me were:

“The head of the Grand Lodge of Alabama, Grand Master Frank W. Little, said he knows of no blacks among its 32,000 members. The group has 318 lodges and accepts new members by applications and referrals from other members.”


“To my knowledge I don’t know of any black who’s ever applied for membership in the Grand Lodge,” he said. “Is there anything that would prevent them? No. As the grand master, if I heard of any lodge that denied a man membership because of his race, they wouldn’t be a lodge for long.”

Is this the continuation of the separate but equal status from America past or institutional racism? I’m curious what the Most Worshipful Prince Hall Grand Lodge in Alabama thinks about this. Do they have a comment on the goings on in Alabama?

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~ by Greg on September 29, 2006.

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