Into the realm of dark mysteries

A friend, Post-Atomic, pointed this piece out to me… I couldn’t let it go by.

I need to caution you, a Catholic has infiltrated and observed the secret teachings of Freemasonry and has run off and write an expose book about them.

No, this isn’t the tale of William Morgan, the beloved Anti-Masonic patriarch of the evils that square men do, no, it is instead about the new book by by John Salza, Masonry Unmasked.

Salza, a Catholic, who joined Freemasonry in 1996, went through the ranks to become a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason, and later joined the Shrine, all the while “unaware” of the rabid Catholic perspective on the craft.

The piece about Salza’s book characterizes Freemasonry as oppressive towards religion..

“in favor of the “rational” study of nature.

In fact, so vague was the God which Masons acknowledged that the group could embrace everything from Christianity and Judaism to Allah, Hinduism, and occult religions.

With Shriners, in fact, ‘the basic organizational unit of the Shrine is the Temple, or Mosque, in recognition of Allah, the honored deity of the Shrine,’ says Salza.”

But the skew of the review comes when it pronounces the Freemason’s have

“exerted a nefarious, shocking influence over society.”

“We are called to love [Catholic Christians], but we are also called to be careful about association with the demonic, and Masonry – knowingly or unknowingly – has long stepped into mysteries that summon the wrong source.”

Just so we are all clear, there is no test for entry into Freemasonry besides an afirmation to a belief in God, and that all men, no matter their faith, may join because there is no exclusivity on who’s God is right. This is something I’ve said before, that the “Anti’s” like to presume an exclusivity on rightiousness’ but I guess that comes with the territory. I’ve always found it ironic to see how far some sects of this fundamentalism will go short of declaring an all out crusade against anyone who doesn’t believe what they do.

Like all good Freemasonry bashing, I’m sure the book takes out of context all of the ceremonial “mysteries” of the fraternity and then molds them into their own self serving descriptions. I’m surprised that a sensational exposé would be written at a time when the Pope apologizes to the Islamic community for reading 600 year-old writings. Maybe some future Pope will issue the same sort of apology to Freemasonry for unfairly characterizing the gentle craft as such. But then, why would they do that to an organization with “links to ancient druidism and even Babylon”?

I continue to be amazed at the modern level of intolerance today over differing views of faith and the outrageious lengths entities go to defame others to prop themselves up. I suppose we should be used to it, and I suppose it’s not a big deal today, just another lump in the landscape of modernity. But honestly to let items like this go and not say something is doing a huge disservice to the rest of society. Maybe a Freemason will infultrate Catholocism and write a secret expose, or better yet just write the truth.

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~ by Greg on September 26, 2006.

3 Responses to “Into the realm of dark mysteries”

  1. I think it just shows the kind of tolerance that Masonry has taught all of us to uphold. We as mason’s accept and learn from eachother, rather than divide and throw our selves in a corner of selfishness. I think as masons we need to continue the good work we do within our selves first. The light shines from within always, even though other religious aspects might ignore it, but they see it. And they recognize it, its up to ones self to determine what that light means. Most are just lost minds that have not found the meaning of the light. Good site btw! i enjoy reading all blogs. Keep chipping away at the ashlar brothers, it will one day be perfect.

  2. Thought you might like to see this.


    The Fr. McCormick Council 3880 of the Knights of Columbus at Crystal Lake, IL has a web site at The statment below is a direct quote from that web site.

    “Let’s clear up some misconceptions as well:
    We are not a secret society. Certain induction ceremonies are kept confidential in order to preserve the beauty and dignity of the lessons taught – namely – charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism.”

    (Note from Corky; I do believe that, that same statement, word for word, could also be painted on the front of every Masonic Lodge Hall in the U.S.A.)

  3. I first became aware of Mr. Salza rabid hatrid and personal exploitation of Free Masonry while listening to the Catholic’s Relevant Radio Station. According to his own statements this man first joined the lodge because (1) He was repeatedly solicited; and (2) Membership could help his career as a practicing lawyer. His first objection to the lodge was the requirement of divesting himself of all metal during a degree, he felt exposed to demons when he was asked to remove his “protective medallion,” or scapula that had been blessed by a priest for an indulgance or fee paid to the church! He has gained support and sponsorship through Wisconson’s Bishop Molina, who when in Helena Mt had condemned the church’s Knights of Columbus for wearing military weapons. Further support for Mr Salza has come from the Vatican under Cardinal Rotzinger, who openly condemned Free Masonry as a “threat to the authority of the church” because Free Masons profesess intellectual freedom in “seeking further light” as a philosophy. Cardinal Rotzinger is now Pope Benedict. From what I have read and heard, Salza’s accusations against Free Masonry are based in half-truths and, in some cases, deliberate fabrication. Under such an environment I believe that Masonry should discourage known Catholics from seeking affiliation, simply because our rituals state that we should do nothing that would cause conflict between a man and his system of faith.

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