Are you Job?

I ran across this site on a random search of all things Masonic, and at first hesitated on it, but after reading through it found it to be quite interesting and worth spending more time on.

The premise is essentially an analysis of the Book of Job” from the Old Testament. The message, they say is:

With a financially stable or an everyday working person the inner self finds itself in spiritual battle. This battle pressures the inner self to make a decision: the world of illusion, or the immortal word of the unseen kingdom of the supreme deity.

This series…will explore the daily initiation ceremony that takes place – not in a temple, mosque, synagogue, or church, but within the greatest architecture known to man: yourself.

The idea here is that revealed initiation isn’t the property to any one program or system of revealed enlightenment. It is, so the revealed meaning says, something universal.

Give it a read and see how it evolves. I find it interesting so far, think you will enjoy it too.

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~ by Greg on September 26, 2006.

One Response to “Are you Job?”

  1. Thanks for stopping by Revealed Meanings. I, myself, am a 32nd, and hopefully will find some time to dig around in the bag of Masonic symbolism soon.

    Zothyrius has been posting the You are Job series and some of his upcoming topics look real interesting. I hope it works out.

    Thanks again for the link. We’ll throw you on our blogroll!

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