Masonic Scents

I received this a while back, but have been sitting on it trying to figure out what the story behind it was. But alas, like all good mysteries, this one remains unsolved.

Masonic Scents sent me an e-mail offer a month ago with a great car display to spread the cement of brotherly love, and freshen up the smell of my family wagon. They had created an air freshener to sell to raise money for Masonic charities. A few days later I received another e-mail saying that the once $3.99 fresheners are now free.

It appears that they are still free through the rest of the month but still no indication on why they droppedt the price.

Check it, their still seems to be some on hand.

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~ by Greg on September 25, 2006.

One Response to “Masonic Scents”

  1. This is an excellent idea to help raise awareness about freemasonry. However, when I visit the site there is not a donate button or a way to donate money. I have already signed up to recieve a free air freshener, but would like to donate some spare cash to this worthy cause to help the shriner hospitals.

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