The Misconceptions about Freemasonry

Br. Chris Hodapp, author of “Freemasonry for Dummies” was in the news feed this morning from a letter he wrote to Matt C. Abbot, at Renew America, a grassroots political site for Alan Keyes.

The letter was in response to an article published on the site that talked about an imaginary Rite created by Albert Pike and worshiped Lucifer in the Charleston area.

In an evenhanded tone and direct and concise manner, Hodapp addressed the inaccuracies and leveled a very even response to the misinformation. In my own opinion, I thought it was a great response to a misplaced swipe at Freemasonry.

It did make me think about the whole aspect of what people think about Freemasonry. I find it interesting the level of misinformation out in the world still about things like this and that it has spawned whole cottage industry on “why Freemasonry is evil”. Has it damage the luster of the once illustrious fraternity? And have those misconceptions spread so deep that they are irreversible at this point?

Either way… the response is was very much worth the read.

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~ by Greg on September 1, 2006.

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