Look Busy…

Just in case anyone was wondering, apparently there IS a Masonic Christ, or at least that’s what the makers of this DVD would want you to believe.

I almost hate wasting the link back to them, but It’s good to know the “kooky” things out there that like to blame the Freemasons for “everything”.

From the looks of it, the original material comes from “Cutting Edge Ministries“, who have their own special page dedicated to Freemason bashing with such titles as “Mason, Friend or Foe” and “Masonic DeMolay, Kindergarten for Satanism”.

So, just in case all you Masons reading this didn’t know, there Is a Masonic Christ, and he’s heading back…

…so look busy.

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~ by Greg on August 30, 2006.

3 Responses to “Look Busy…”

  1. Sounds like typical fundie hate-mongering. The only thing I see that is cutting edge is the depths that groups like this are willing to delve and the lies they are willing to tell about their fellow man to advance their thesis. Isn’t there a sin called “bearing false witness”? Fundamentalist Christianity is as bad as Fundamentalist Radical Islam. It is based on hate, not love. What they don’t know about Freemasonry, they seem perfectly willing to “make up” to serve their own desires and goals. I believe there is a special place in Hell for folks like that…right next to child molesters and serial rapists.

    Darren Simpson
    The Modern Freemasonic Journal Blog
    Le Cevalier Maconnique Blog

  2. I am glad I do not belive in a satan or devil, so I cannot worship it then

  3. how funny, i was just going to send you this link from Cutting Edge about the Masonic symbols buried in Washington DC’s urban design.

    sounds like some real crazy cats

    the site looks fantastic!

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