Rosslyn Chapel in the News again…

I ran across an article from Jennifer Emmick today on . The original article comes from the and talks about a new book buy Ashley Cowie called “The Rosslyn Matrix”.

Cowie starts out by saying what the chapel is not…

“It is not a copy of Solomon’s or Herod’s Temple. It has no ‘Grail Trail’ link with a Jerusalem-based meridian, and mathematical analyses of original ground plans show it to be an unfinished collegiate church.”

Not a knight in sight.

“I challenge anybody to show me a Templar symbol in there,” he says, speaking with the righteousness of the newly converted.

But he does go on to say…

“What is down there is an example of a lost system for measuring time and distance involving both latitude and longitude. It’s a priceless mapping treasure.”

His argument comes , in part, with the examination of a carving (image above), found in the crypt of a pylon looking object. In the article Cowie describes it:

“The lozenges at the top are ancient symbols showing degrees of latitude. They’re based on shadows recorded at solstice sunrises and sunsets producing different shapes at each degree of latitude. Tall, thin lozenges relate to northern places like Norway, which the top lozenge on the carving represents; wide and squat signifies a Mediterranean band, as in the bottom one. The middle two lozenges are the latitudes for Orkney (northern Scotland) and Rosslyn (southern Scotland).

The pylon-shaped grid is a longitudinal slice of 15 degrees (1/24th of the 360 degree globe) and its vertical central line is an ancient meridian. The cup shape isn’t a cup, or grail chalice. It’s an astronomical drawing of the orbits traced by the morning and evening star, Venus.”

All this was important to ancient navigators for synchronising dates, times and locations.”It’s an interesting perspective on to one of the most speculated at chapels in the world. I think one could write a book just on all the books ans speculation soon the place, but i’d be lying is I said I wouldn’t go visit it on my text trip to Scotland.

The article.

Or just Rosslyn Chapel

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~ by Greg on August 28, 2006.

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