Masonry in the News….

Just a couple of brief items this morning…

I have distributed to me Masonic news, as it hits the news wire and some days it’s thick with stores about Masonic hospitals being the emergency rooms wounded people are taken to, and other times it is about local goings on with town masons.

With week is no exception for the latter. The beauty is in the simplicity of it. Small town Masonry does still exist, where the conduct parades, raise funds for charity and march in uniforms. Have a read on the article here: Havelock hosts Shrine Bowl parade
The question that comes to mind: would you march in a Masonic parade?

On the other end of Masonry in the news today, is a story touched off about Masonic charity (which was a little unsettling for what it describes) but again, goes deep into the heart of Freemasonry, charity. Quoting from the article:

“That’s what we do,” Schumacher said. “We help each other.”

But this article from Oregon really goes a ways to illustrate the positive impact of Freemasons in their region. The piece is, after all, about a Masonic open house, but its beauty is in its remembrance of what Freemasonry meant to the town. It may be an old dusty institution, but people were members for a reason. The articles main purpose is about a Corner Stone laying ceremony (taking place today by the way) for the local lodge in Eugene Oregon celebrating its 150 anniversary. Read the article here: Masons Look Back: Members of the secretive society open the books on 150 years here

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~ by Greg on July 23, 2006.

2 Responses to “Masonry in the News….”

  1. Wow, the lodge in Eugene… I’m only 60 minutes drive south of there, a member of Laurel Lodge #13 in Roseburg.

  2. Masonry has a target on its back. It’s easy to ignore the things its members does. Kudos to the Oregon brethren for doing something. I’m glad to see it caught some attention.

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