Hollywood Conspiracy

Hollywood Conspiracy

It looks like Freemaosnry has finally made it to Hollywood, but it’s not in the films, but the folks that make things happen, or at least how it’s described in this blog I stumbled on to. They mention Guy Ritchie and Madonna making a movie that quotes Pike, but I wonder if Guy (or Madonna for that matter) are Freemasons?

I’m surprised at the frequency that Pike is brought up to use as a “quotable”. I’m finding that it’s happening more and more and not just in the Christian conservative corners either. Pike is an interesting read, if you can push though the 800+ pages of Morals and Dogma.

But like anything else, it’s all about context.
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~ by Greg on July 12, 2006.

2 Responses to “Hollywood Conspiracy”

  1. Context? It’s Hollywood – I thought that was all about publicity!

  2. M & D is an excellent read if only for the first three degrees. Brother Pike was trying to tell us something that I feel was very important, but interpretation is in the eye of the beholder.
    But Brother Pike seemed to be trying to tell some investigators that “freemasonry” as we know it, is not the real sweet science of the soul that has come down throught he ages and fastened together in recent days to keep the “real” mysteries hidden from the commoners?

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