XORIENTE is a weekly Pod cast, assembled, produced, and hosted by Brother Eric Diamond. Neither sponsored nor speaking for any Grand Lodge, XORIENTE is a great example of the future in communication of Freemasonry.

Defined from the site, XORIENTE literally means “from the East.” It is “dedicated to those Freemasons who are young (and young at heart)”. It goes on to further say:

X-Oriente seeks to inform, inspire, entertain and challenge you. Each issue will be packed with news, discussion, ideas, tools, and interviews with Freemasons who are making a difference.

The forum is a weekly Pod Cast (an internet broadcast) bringing the varying elements of Freemasonry into a magazine styled program, complete with audio clips, sound bites, background music, bumpers music, shout-outs, and a warm On-Air Personality.

This is a new medium for Freemasonry and a very promising format for this presentation of content. Br. Diamond’s approach a fresh and enthusiastic examination of content traditionally explored only in print. Traditionally content like this had limited distribution, often to a specific geographic location. Few publications reached out beyond their local state to present to a wider audience. Today, Pod casts such as this one, reach well beyond the local state it is hosted in. It spans now to a much wider audience, in many cases the world. With the reach of the Internet, programs such as XORIENTE can communicate the thoughts, ideas, and tenants of Freemasonry to anyone capable of listening.

I highly recommend exploring XORIENTE at your earliest convenience. Sit back, fire up the broadband, relax and enjoy the audio world of Freemasonry.

Some other Masonic Pod casts on-line today are:
The Masters Mix, from Brother Robert Jump, P.M. and
Masonic Pride Project by Br. Errol Hinton.

One aspect about these Pod casts is that individuals do them, on their own individual time, so they may tend to be irregular in schedule (at times) but they are still shining examples of the virtue within Freemasons.

Great work brothers.

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~ by Greg on June 28, 2006.

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