Is Freemasonry Ready for the Da Vinci Code? II

I last wrote about this in January.

Ok, I can go into a long review here of the Da Vinci Code, which I had the opportunity to see tonight.

With a pass from the studios, my wife and I were treated to an advance screening of Dan Brown’s adapted story. In an overall assessment, if you liked the book, you’ll like the movie. It is not an early summer blockbuster, nor an award winning vision. It was, in my opinion, a good film that was true to its origin.

For anyone not familiar with the story, it follows Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks) around Europe on a modern day quest for the Holy Grail, aka San Greal. But, after much hand wringing and a quick jaunt through 24 hours, it turns out that the raven haired Sophia Neueu (Audrey Tautou) is of a direct lineage of the oldest royalty line on earth, Jesus.

I’ll leave your assessment of the film to your own article, or review, but I wanted to get this off tonight, as I had this opportunity to see the film. From what I could tell, there was only 1 mention (directly) of “Masonic” symbols in Roselyn Chapel. There are lots of Templar references, and a ton of Priory of Scion (go figure), but no Masonic inference.

Is this a bad thing or a good thing? I leave that answer to you. It did cover some interesting ground in the way of the evolution of Christendom. It may have been the first hard lecture anyone has ever seen or heard about the Council of Nicaea even.

But with Dan Brown holding back for a year on the release of his new book, the Solomon Key, I don’t think that the Di Vinci Code will have the profound effect that many of us hoped for or anticipated.

I do hope it spurs discussion and reflection on faith.

I hope you enjoy it when you go to see it. One “Easter egg” in the film is the appearance of Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince. These two are the authors of The Templar Revelation, which tied the Da Vinci art to the Magdalene mystery. Look for them on the Bus in London. I think Lynn was looking right at the camera….

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~ by Greg on May 18, 2006.

3 Responses to “Is Freemasonry Ready for the Da Vinci Code? II”

  1. One thing I find significant is, not so much the movie, but the number of Freemason documentaries televised in the past two weeks; from both PBS and the History Channel. The other night the History Channel did a two our documentary on the craft.

    Each one of these documentaries uses some really lurid teasers. The one on the History channel actually does dramatic re-enactments of Freemason rituals and reveals many of our traditional secrets. I certainly could have done without that.

    However, in each case, a number of Freemasons are allowed to speak at length about the Fraternity and they do so quite well. I am starting to see the same cast of characters act as talking heads for the institution. Fortunately they are all very well spoken and most eloquent about the deeper meaning and symbolism in our work.

    There is this one guy, I don’t recall the name, who is supposedly a 33 degree Mason and speaks with a bit of an accent who makes a lot of references to the esoteric and spiritual side of the craft. I quite like him a lot.

    So, even if the movie is a bust, the documentaries it spawned have been enlightening.

    As I have said before, I don’t know why anyone ever thought DVC had anything to do with Freemasonry to begin with.

    Brother John

  2. John, I think some of the hype is about the Templars, Rosslyn, and the St. Clairs. That and Dan Brown was going to release his book at the same time as the film. But with that being puched back to next year, I don’t think there is much conection anymore.

    On the otherside, I have 2 programs recorded to watch, which I will this weekend. I hope their good.

  3. Nice post on the film. Thanks.

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