From a recent e-mail

This is a response to a recent e-mail I recieved. The e-mail was very positive and warmly recieved, but the reply I sent seemed somehow relevent to describing the site in general.

The title could really be why…in Freemason Information:
Brother xxxxx,
Let me first say thank you for your note. Of the visitors I have, only a very small handful take the time to send a note, which I genuinely appreciate.

…You are very right in the small collection of notable Demolay’s. The list I have for the Rainbows actually came from a former Rainbow, still active with her chapter, which is why it is so extensive. As the site evolves, my intention is to circle back and add more and more to each of the different groups, which would include adding more to the DeMolay names. I appreciate your observation on that point!

The question of Co-Masonry… True “regular” Freemasonry says it is clandestine, but under that philosophy, many Grand Lodges hold Prince Hall still as clandestine. When I tried to tackle the question of why Freemasonry is a male only fraternity, I decided the only way to approach it was to indicate that in the grand spectrum it is not. Co-Masonry exists, and they are actively trying to grow their numbers. So, with that in mind, I decided that I would be remiss to not include them. I did, however, frame it from the perspective from the male fraternity, owing loyalty and oath to my Grand Lodge. I sincerely believe it is an issue that “regular” Freemasonry will have to deal with in the not to distant future.

As a last note, I will be including some of the additional bodies that were not mentioned on the 2nd round of additions. What I am finding is that there are a wide range of groups with varying degrees of membership, but what they all come back to is the blue lodge, which in the end is my principal focus.

So ends the letter. Feel free to drop me an e-mail at about the site, this blog, or anything else you see here about Freemasonry.


~ by Greg on May 9, 2006.

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  1. my name is businge walter and am ugandan,i would like to join freemasion what can i do

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