One Hundred

A Century has come. This is the 100th post on Masonic Traveler. I wondered what to do, how to make it special, even if it’s something to celebrate. I even pondered on whether or not it need be special. “What made 100 any more special than 101, or 234”?

Nothing does I suppose, except that this is the 100th post of mine on this Blog and I’m proud to say that I made it to this point. I’ve actually had some ideas for other posts, but have been saving them for this one to go up first for the big 100.

I have mentioned in past posts that this Blog is an adjunct site of my main web site Freemason Information. Nothing special in that idea, but this site has given me an opportunity to move more into the virtual space, interacting with the world at large, rather than by just being a static site of information.

The Masonic world on-line is an open landscape, with only a few sites dotting the horizon. This is a blessing and a curse I suppose, as there seems to be many who speak out against Freemasonry, and few who represent it.

I don’t know, maybe I’ve missed the others. But since it’s my 100th post, I wanted to point out all of the Blogs I could find that focused on Freemasonry from a Freemason. Each of these is worth the time and read.

Who knows, maybe when I get to 200, there will be 100 Blogs in this dedication.

The Burning Taper
I like this guy a lot. He says a lot, is very eloquent, and really pokes his light into the recesses of Freemasonry

John Ratcliff
An all around cool guy. A Mason from Missouri, he’s active in several veins of Freemasonry.

Freemason Resource
This is developing to be a self-contained site on Freemasonry. It has a lot of potential and is already starting to shine.

Ars Masonica
Another great site, this brother is very smart in his insight and posts.

Blog Maconique
A French Blog that has a lot of worthy things to say.

A Blog about the man becoming the mason.

A Blog about the man becoming the mason.

Seekers Observations
A little sporadic in posting, but worth the read.

Freemason Alert
Good analysis of Freemasonry and its work in Alabama.

Freemason Chronicles
This is a brother’s site from the Philippines. He has some great posts and a wealth of insight.

Masonic Reflections
Poetic in its post.

This is a great Masonic Blog resource.

And just for fun, here is a site with a bunch of top 100 things. I thought it would work well with the theme of the post.

Onto post #101…

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~ by Greg on April 25, 2006.

4 Responses to “One Hundred”

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Brother Greg, about the Burning Taper blog. Each of the blogs you mentioned is doing a wonderful job of spreading the True Light of Freemasonry across the world via the Internet. I’m proud to be in such esteemed company as you and the brothers you mention here.

    — Widow’s Son

  2. it seems like our brother from freemason resource has refused to look deeper into our brothers plight from free-mason-alert and has gone on the offensive to ridicule him! Why must brothers attack another brother who states what “he’s” experienced in masonry. How can a man from Indiana claim to rebutt a man from another state.?where you invovled in his jurusdiction? Maybe he has some knowledge you aren’t privy to. Maybe engage in a conversation with him to see if there is any merit to his claims. So quick to judge a fellow brother who seemed to have devoted alot of time to his fraternity. I myself was privy to 33rd’s and kych not acting on the level and it be silenced and the young men who brought it to light were almost ran out of the fraternity. Fact. The men who acted incorrectly were all aasr and high ranking york guys. So i’m sure this brother has some legs to stand on because it seems to be an epidemic that is spreading. If you don’t tow the line, your masonic days may be filled with slanderand grief. Don’t be so quick to judge. This brother seemed to ge through much effort to rectify the problems in his area, but just got rejected by men with their heads buried in the sand enjoying the status qou……
    I hope other brethren have an attentive ear for or disgruntled brethren, because it was our forefathers who were disgruntled with the status quo and decided to make a change and were castigated for it. It seems like history repeating itself. Loyalists to the crown(Grand Lodge) attacking the men who are free born and not afraid to put their dues card on the line for a belief. Bravo brother. Keep it up and don’t be discouraged by judgemental brothers!

  3. Thanks for leaving your link on my blog. I’m looking forwards to purusing your other posts when I’ve got more time ~ IN

  4. Masonic Traveler, thank you for the nod in adding King Solomon’s Lodge to the side bar here. I’m excited about the Masonic blogging scene. I’ll be reading your blog and exploring some of the others that you have linked to in the near future.

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