Marketing Freemasonry

Fellow Travelers, I apologize for not posting as quickly as I had before. Things lately have been hectic but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel.

In the mean time I’ve been mulling some marketing and have developed some bumper stickers. What do you think? Let me know which you like the most and communicates the message of Freemasonry.

The layout is pretty fixed, but the slogan is open to speculation. If you have an idea for something different, send it on to me and I’ll see how it works.

Let me know what you think, I’m thinking I may get these printed soon.

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~ by Greg on April 14, 2006.

4 Responses to “Marketing Freemasonry”

  1. Hello Brother.

    Caught this post off the MySpace bulletin. I like the first one, but I also like “A society with secrets, not a secret society”. How much are you planning on charging? Where will they be sold?

    Bro. Randall Fuller
    Mackenzie Lodge, 1327 A.F.&A.M.

  2. I sure would take off the skull and crossbones. It looks like you are promoting poison.

  3. Brother Greg,

    Any marketing plan must first define its target audience. Who do you want to attract with these stickers? Are you wishing to reach a different audience with each one?

    Here are my not-well-thought-out first reactions to these slogans:

    #1 seems to target those who have steeped themselves in either classic conspiracy theory or the expanding Da Vinci Code craze. I like this one.

    #2 seems to target those who see the Fraternity as an old man’s doughnut and coffee club. I have somewhat mixed feelings about this slogan, but slightly lean towards liking it. (An apostrophe is needed in “Grandfather’s.”)

    #3 seems to target the more spiritual or esoteric person. This I like. This is perhaps my favorite.

    #4 I just don’t like, probably because I’ve seen damn little brotherly love, relief or truth in many lodges in my area. Let’s just say I refrain from voting on this one.

    #5 I do not like at all. I think the slogan is trite, but perhaps that’s just me. I don’t think we should dump ALL the mystique. That slogan to me says we’re answering, almost apologizing, to the anti-Masons and the conspiracy nuts.

    — Widow’s Son
    The Burning Taper

    #6 I kinda shrug my shoulders at this one. The target market seems to be regular masons who will think, “hey, I’ve heard that phrase before,” but I don’t think it’ll provoke anyone to surt into your site.

    #7 is perhaps too esoteric for a marketing slogan. I don’t know — have to think on that one some more.

    #8 — See #6 above. It says nothing to motivate anyone to care.

    — Widow’s Son
    The Burning Taper

  4. I realized my comment wasn’t entirely constructive. My favorite is “Not just your Grandafather’s social club.” In fact, I like that one a lot.

    It will speak to the younger generation and has a touch of humor.

    I’m not really much for bumper stickers, I don’t like trashing my nice car. I might wear a T-shirt though.

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