More from the Cult of the NWO

I had to post a response to the exchange that has been going on here. Timothy, of TruthSeekers Ant-NWO corner continues on the vein of the how Freemasonry is fraught with peril and problems, ESPECIALLY to the Christian right. Equating them on the level of the Federal government who kicked in the door of David Koresh in Waco, Texas. I don’t know of anyonw who empathizes with Koresh, except for people who empathize with Timothy McVey too.

In his response, he insults Hindu’s as illogical, says Jews and Muslims are evil and misguided, and as before, presumes his is the right, and those in disagreement with him are being “decieved”. Quoting:

“I don’t hate anyone because they are different. I hate evil and sin alone. I’m sorry, but calling certain things evil and sinful is normal for us humans.”

Ok, so if you hate evil and sin, and other faiths are evil and sinful (your words) you don’t hate them? So then are you ok with them, would you share space with a synagogue, a mosque, or a buddist temple?

“I believe any Jewish person is evil when they involved themselves in any illegal or morally corrupt activity. If they don’t believe in the Messiah or Muslim pray to Allah, they are deluded people.”

So does this mean they are evil then? You said it, I’m just trying to get some clarity.

He goes for a good time, puncuated with several “Hahahaha” moments, that illustrate his maturity. The one thing I will agree with you here on Timothy is that you are correct in saying not all peoples opinions are right.

Here below is my response to his very long diatribe.

So much to respond to, maybe it’s better to take it in the significant pieces.

We both agree that it’s a free country and I have a right to disagree with you and you have a right to be deceived and join Freemasonry. But where do you have the right to presume I’ve been deceived, because your “free” faith tells you so? No system of faith is perfect, Freemasonry, Christianity, Islam, and so on. But like every other faith in existence, the fundamentalists are frightened, yes I said frightened, by the existence of a Universalistic organization like Freemasonry. But again, Freemasonry is not a religion, so no sectarian faith should be worried, in that Freemasonry says men should retain their faith and continue their practice of worship. Freemasonry does not say accept all faiths, or make you swear oaths to any incarnation of a specific god. In fact, the oath isn’t even to go, but in the invocation of god helping you to adhere to the things in which are sworn to.

The one disagreement every Anti-Mason falls onto the Morgan Affair. I stand with you in saying what those Masons did to him is despicable and wrong. They committed a cardinal sin and violated the most sacred of earthly and divine laws. But as Jasper Riddley says in his book “Freemasons“, the men who killed him were criminals, AND Freemasons. In the same way you spoke of the Catholic pedophiles, they are criminals, and Catholics. The ironic thing here Tim, is that at the time those rogues killed Morgan, other states and lodges were already publishing the rituals, so Morgan wasn’t doing anything that wasn’t already happening elsewhere. His death was tragic and need not of happened, but remember, the people who acted, acted alone, NOT in some cabal that many like to fabricate. Remember, it’s not a Unified Masonic fraternity like that.

Since you make issue of the racism issue, think back to the divided south to all of the churches and parishes that were led by racist pastors and priests. It’s a fact of the south that lives on today. I will make no beef with you that Freemasonry has had its issues with racism and segregation. In many areas it still exists, much along the same lines it did at the time of the Civil War. But elsewhere, racism has been cast out, and is no longer tolerated. Something you may not know is that Freemasonry exits under a state run Grand Lodge, so each state has their own jurisdiction. There is no One Lodge Order from which to model the NWO on. And each of these states has had their own referendum on racism and abolishing such discrimination. Prince Hall does exist, but every lodge I have been a part of would welcome a man of ANY race to come to it’s alter. Just to add more fuel to your fire, Albert Pike was a General in the Confederate army, and believed to of been a leader in the KKK. But, no significant proof has been offered up.

Pike, like Macky and Wilmshurst have had an impact and definite spin on Freemasonry, but all they write are their opinions and their observations to understanding Freemasonry. But in the end, the tenants of Freemasonry are simply this: Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth.

The truth seems to be the hang up to every faith in disagreeance to the fraternity. No faith will admit that “God” is God, and that one faith can be in the same building as another faith and both pray to “God” because one or the other has to be right. I know your shaking your head and salivating at saying how wrong I am, but in the end where else can faiths come together to propagate those 3 tenants? Many churches try interfaith meetings, but to what conclusion? Freemasonry has been a waypoint for many faiths and people long before much of the esoteric emphasis was added. In fact, it started as a trade guild, so guild members could meet, hold fests, house and meet other “free and accepted” masons. Somewhere over the years, it was infused with a lot of esoteric ideology to make it more meaningful.

I won’t get into an argument with you on biblical translations. There is enough material to fill volumes and volumes with argument both why it’s factual and why it’s not. The simplest being that it’s a translation from one language to another, so changes are inherent. Even the stories in the bible conflict, examine the 4 gospels to see what I mean, but I’m sure you have an argument on why that is the case too.

The end result of this conversation is this. You can be judgmental and disparage whomever you choose, be it organizations, people, faiths, countries, governments, or me, but just because YOU and a handful of other people believe something to be the case do not make it right. This is not a black and white world, where one side is right and the other is wrong. It may seem that way, to you, in your home, but if you were picked up and dropped into the same position in another country, with your same ideals of moral righteousness, then you would likely be on the opposite side of the divide. There are many shades of gray, not all good and not all evil, and those shades believe in a multitude incarnations of “GOD”. Some believeing what they did before the Christian God ever set down in this world. Even within Christianity, there are different movements of faith and what God is about. Freemasonry does nothing to this end, except to create a temple where each of those faiths can come together, under a canopy of God, to better mankind. And it is that strength that all religions fear Freemasonry, because to do that is an ability that no other faith has in its power.

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~ by Greg on April 7, 2006.

2 Responses to “More from the Cult of the NWO”

  1. A note I thought you might find interesting. I was present at the signing of the compact between the Grand Lodge of New Mexico and the G.L. of NM, Prince Hall Affiliate. This was for mutual recognition for visitation *and* membership. When our GL voted (almost 300 GL representatives), it was virtually unanimous in favor of the resolution. Hardly racism.

  2. Brother Hiram:

    Racism is still rampant in the South. Bringing up a suggestion to make a resolution to form a committee to entertain the thought of holding talks with the Prince Hall Grand Lodge nearly got some good Georgia brothers tarred and feathered a few years ago.

    Widow’s Son
    The Burning Taper

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