To the Truth Seeker24’s Anti-N.W.O. corner

Another replay to an Anti-Freemason. As if this has not been done enough already.

To the Truth Seeker24’s Anti-N.W.O. corner.

Thanks for the reply back. I very much enjoy the spirited debate and analysis, with someone as convicted as yourself. You are absolutely right, it is a free country, and as such, all opinions are valid, as are all faiths.

First to presume your righteousness over someone else’s is wrong. Because you are of the opinion that God is on your side, and your interpretation of the bible is factual and correct is a huge presumption. What makes you right, but you think God told you so? How did he tell you, through messages in the scriptures that only you and a few others could decipher? Why didn’t he tell it to everyone? Why just you?

Swearing death oaths is not taking the lords name in vain. There is no vanity in it, no spiritual gain to it. It is an act of solemnity that is a personal choice. Again, who are you to say that it is wrong, because the way you believe, you feel, is the way everyone should believe? Sounds fascist.

The all seeing eye is a relatively recent addition to Freemasonry, added sometime in the last 150 years or so. It is more representative of the concept of an all seeing God rather than a pagan symbol. Same as the pentagram. Though these symbols have been devices of Freemasonry for many years, they are recent additions. Much of the symbology of Freemasonry spawned from the Victorian age as members tried to give symbolic meaning to the ideas of the fraternity. You mention that Washington DC has man of “those symbols”, but if you look closely, those symbols evolved over time through all of Europe to be deposited eventually into the ideas of a “New Republic” that was started as America. The only occult meanings put into them are from the simple minded who need to see it.

The intolerance is in passing judgment, which in this case is your calling something evil and sinful. Because YOU think it is. I would question you further; do you think Jews are evil because they don’t believe Christ is the Messiah? Do you think Muslims are evil for praying to Allah, and not believing what you do? That’s where the intolerance comes from. It is intolerant to call someone evil for his or her faith, what ever it may be. To say they are wrong and going to hell for it is NARROW MINDED. You can dissent with other faiths, but to call them wrong, only shows your intolerance. You do have a First amendment Right to spew what your faith is, but to insist that others adhere to it, or your version of God will send them to Hell is intolerant. It’s casting judgment, of which I’m sure you have half dozen scriptures on, but it’s still imposing a matter of faith onto someone else. How this ties back to Freemasonry is that it accepts men of all faiths, all acknowledging God through their own faiths.

Obviously, this aspect is beyond you. You look only to the bible as a true and unaltered text of God’s word, scribed by men of divine sanction. Bu how do you know that? What makes that true? Do you just believe that? Is it faith alone? What about before there was a finished bible, what did Christians have to go on then?

As some have written about Freemasonry as a religion, in many aspects they are correct. Freemasonry is an institution governed by faith of its members, but that faith is not the basis for their meeting. Neither is the focus prayer to a deity. The prayers in lodge are ceremonial but still solemn and true. They stand to recognize God through a universal prayer or recognition. If you want to use the idea that because prolific writers of Freemasonry set the tone, could I not use that premise to say that Christianities prolific speakers and preachers stand to represent the Christian ethos? So then, Pat Roberts is professing the true nature of Christ in wanting to Assassinate foreign dignitaries, and Catholic priests stand to represent all Christians as pedophiles? Because some people write or do something does not make them the ultimate spokesman for a group. How many religious leaders stood to defend segregation and racism? Were they right in their Christian values? Did they truly speak for God?

The last point I want to make is on symbolism. You mentioned the obelisks, and pentagrams, and I spoke of them earlier, but reversing the table do you celebrate Christmas with a Christmas tree and presents? Why, there is nothing in the bible that says Christ was born under an evergreen. Do you or children you know hunt for Easter eggs? More paganism in society I suppose you would say. Lastly, did Christ say to worship me though the form of an unequal cross? More symbolism, but from my recollection, Christ never said anything about worshiping him through the symbol. Symbols abound and when TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT can easily be misconstrued and interpreted.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts.


~ by Greg on March 30, 2006.

3 Responses to “To the Truth Seeker24’s Anti-N.W.O. corner”

  1. It’s not a question of being enough already, it’s a question of you wanting to see my thoughts. Here’s my thoughts at this link:

    These are my final words in this blog about this issue.

    By TruthSeeker24 (Timothy)

  2. We find this mentality in masonry as well. If you are not a member of the recognized Grand Lodge of your state, you then are not a recognized mason. is there only “one” way to be a mason?
    plus, if one can’t understand something, demean it.

  3. Timothy has drank the cool aid……..
    the only absolutes are nature… not man made-god inspired writings. sun rising and sun setting, vegetation dying and regrowing are absolutes. christianity stemms from astrological concepts planted onto a man for controlling purposes.

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