Freedom and what we fight for.

I ran across this story here about a Nevada State’s Guardsman who was killed, in action, for our present war in Afghanistan.

Nevada National Guard Sgt. Patrick Stewart gave his life for his country when the Chinook helicopter he was in was shot down in Afghanistan in September. This is the original story.
Now, he was not a Freemason, and that is not the connection to this being posted here. As a matter of fact, the only connection to Freemasonry, is a mention in the first citation above, of a Co-Mason, a gentleman named Gerald Gardner, who in 1954 founded the religion known today as Wicca.

But the interesting aspect of this is that the US Veterans Administration does not recognize the pentagram, the symbolic icon of Wicca, as a true symbol of faith. Consequently, it has held back from including Sgt. Stewart from a memorial wall, marking his passing with other Nevada state Guardsman while another in his company, who died in the same mission, is already placed.

It seems the pagan symbol, as seen above, is in committee still to be recognized, and not yet added to the list of “approved symbols”, seen here from Arlington National Cemetery.

How is this relevant to Freemasonry you may be wondering? My own opinion is that the role of Freemasonry in recognizing the divinity in all faiths is at the core of what Freemasonry represents, and that should transcend to our patriotism in recognizing faith. The inclusion of this symbol has been in committee for 10 years, or so Military Pagan Network, Inc. suggests.

With a true and Masonic spirit, I do suggest that this is an item of interest to Freemasonry, and that as a Freemason, I support the inclusion of the Wiccan symbol to the list of symbols our armed forces use to identify with their deity. It’s a shame that we allow our service people to die in the name of Democracy, with religious freedom it’s cornerstone, yet still be unable to be identified as a member of that faith.

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~ by Greg on March 28, 2006.

One Response to “Freedom and what we fight for.”

  1. Excellent post, Traveler. Someone’s faith shouldn’t be subject to fraidy-cat politics. For the last 10 years someone has been afraid of being blamed when the inevitable fundamentalist Christian backlash arises when the pentagram symbol is finally approved. Reminds me of the way George W. acted last week when someone in the audience of one of his Q&A sessions asked him if the Iraq conflict was a precursor to the Apocalypse. You could almost see him trying to figure out if she should say yes or no, worrying if it might offend certain voters.

    It’s also amusing to note that the pentagram — I mean, the star — has been a symbol of the United States since, well, since the beginning of the country. Each star represents a state on the flag. Also, since 1916, the star in one form or another, including circumscribed by a circle, has been the symbol of the U.S. Air Force.

    — WS

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