Number ONE Secret Society: the Freemasons, a free online destination for men, is a web site designed to provide men with daily features on subject matter that interests the general male population. Their site functions to “offer men candid advice, that is useful, practical and entertaining.” So in that spirit, they have compiled a list of the


Just for the sake of time, I’ll go through the list briefly and comment where necessary.

10. Skull and Bones
The secretive college fraternity, founded at Yale in 1832.

9. Order of the Bull’s Blood
Rutgers University answer to Skull and Bones, established in 1834

8. Krypteia / Crypteia
A Greek/Spartan rite of passage for youths before service in the Spartan Army.

7. The Fenian Brotherhood
An Irish nationalist organization dedicated to eradicating British rule in Ireland, founded in 1858

6. Club of Rome
A global think tank composed of prominent intellectuals and decision-makers who have met regularly since 1968 to discuss “world problems”.

5.The Bilderberg Group
A collection of approximately 130 influential businessmen, financiers and politicians who meet once a year at an invitation-only conference. Rumored to be members are Donald Rumsfield and Paul Wolfowitz. Meetings began in 1954.

4. Beati Paoli
Translated to “the Blessed People” refers to a secretive sect believed to have flourished during the 1600s, composed of nobles and intellectuals who belonged to the congregation of San Francisco di Paola in Sicily, and was formed to oppose the abuse of authority. Its believed that they evolved into the Sicilian Mafia.

3. The Knights of Columbus
A Catholic men’s fraternal benefit society based in New Haven, Connecticut.

2. The Illuminati
An 18th-century group of enlightened thinkers that formed in the state of Bavaria.

Quoting from the source:

“Freemasonry is a global fraternal organization that was founded in England around 1390. Over 600 years later, it now has over six million dedicated members scattered around the globe. Among its famous alumni are Mel Blanc, Mark Twain, Buffalo Bill Cody, Henry Ford, Arnold Palmer, Charles Lindbergh, and many more. Those wishing to join these days must be freely elected in a secret ballot. In order to qualify, a potential Mason must first be a man over the age of 18 who is of sound mind and body, believes in a “Supreme Being” and has at least one reference from a current Mason.

Once elected, a Mason is forbidden to disclose many of the details of his membership to the public. Freemasonry claims this veil of secrecy allows its members to comfortably explore ethical and philosophical issues without outside interference, but conspiracy theorists think otherwise.

According to some, Masons are involved in everything from brainwashing to brokering interplanetary alliances. Perhaps not surprisingly, one of the organization’s earliest and most vocal detractors was the Roman Catholic Church, which viewed Freemasonry and its message of religious tolerance as a threat to clerical authority.

Interesting Fact: Freemasonry was banned in Germany shortly after Adolph Hitler’s rise to power.”

Interesting list, to bad they missed the mark on the Freemasons. But then it’s better to make them spooky and secretive than it is to really talk about the good works it promotes and teaches.

I suppose it should be enough to just be #1.

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~ by Greg on March 9, 2006.

10 Responses to “Number ONE Secret Society: the Freemasons”

  1. Masonic Traveler,

    Very interesting collection of “secret societies”. Thank you for this listing.

    Do you have any concern about any of these groups?

    Whether that concern is political, religious, or cultural.

    Do you fear any of these organizations being a threat to the sovereignty, independence, and freedom to Our Constitutional American Republic?

    While I understand you view on religious tolerance, do you suspect any of these groups of being ultimatly anti-Christian, anti-Jewish, or anti-Muslim?…I guess you could say, anti-monotheistic?

    Do you see any of these organizations as anti-Republic and anti-Constitutional?…even while they proclaim tolerance to people, they ultimatly see themselves above the everyday-average man and woman, thus seeing themselves as “divine”, “more-enlightened”, “royal”, “illumined”,
    “elite”, “better-than”, and just plain “higher class”?…these thought processes can lead to tyranny and ultimate death to The American Republilc…death to Our Freedom?

    As always, thank you for discussion-provoking-blogging!

    Gary, a filthy as rags sinning Christian.

  2. Gary,

    As a Christian, I think that the only organization you should worry about is the Knights of Colombus. It is composed of Male Christians only and under patronage of the Vatican. As such, it is the only group that can influence your Church.

    But out of curiosity, where is this fear coming from? None of the above groups proselitize (as opposed to your Church) and most of them don’t even exist anymore…

  3. Elim,

    There are secret societies that are very much still in exsistance, such as Skull and Bones, various forms of Freemasons, The Club of Rome (anti Catholic Christian), The Bildeberg Group, and the Illuminati (another anti-Christian society).

    The Knights of Columbus are Christians, and they uphold The Holy Gospels of Jesus Christ, and are not a ‘threat’ to any individual or organisation. And also, they are not a ‘secret society’…no secrets…they are very ‘open’…as is their Church.

    Which leads to another note, Christendom is not ‘secret’, Christendom is open to all mankind…no secret doctrines, secret rituals, secret initiations…just open with the Holy Gospels…and open Christendom wide…Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox…wide open with doctrine, creed, ideals, dogmas, and rituals…open about The Lord GOD Almighty, Maker, Creator, and Ruler of All…Father, Son, Holy Spirit…and The Salvation of All.

    …and if proclaiming the Holy Gospel is ‘proselitizing’…then so be it!

    My questions were of a broad nature…cultural, political, and religious…and if any threat to these aspects by any secret society.

  4. Gary, I enjoy your point of view. As a reference though I should tell you that the Illuminati have not been in existence for centuries and that although proto-Illuminati groups are popping up once in a while, none can claim direct lineage to the original group.

    Also, when I said that the only group you should worry about is the KoC, it is because it really is the only group that can affect people’s perceptions of your religion.

    I can tell you that Freemasons are free thinkers and have no plans to control any government or religion… Heck, we have a hard time organizing BBQs…

    And yes, proclaiming the Holy Gospel is ‘proselitizing’ 🙂



  5. Elim,

    This is good dialouge, and enjoy your points.

    On the Illuminati, whereas the outward apperance may have long since passed, the spiritual-esoteric side of their order has been working since their apparent closure, whether through proto groups or through the ideology and aims…especially against The Christian Faith…a spiritual war you might say…much beyond human perseption.

    I can see your opinion on the KofC. Their proclomation on Christianity…which on that note is and should be expected…on another note, their Knights must counter the Templars…(said with a little humor and serious tones)…their stand does make for an observation from the world of their religious overtones such as the defense of the Christian faith in a world hostile to Christianity. But again, your point is understood.

    Well…BBQ’s are one thing, but foreign policy, financial institutions, governmental courses, affairs in The Holy Land, especially The Temple Mount/Al Asqa Mosque, U.S./U.K. relations with the Vatican and the Catholic world, U.S./U.K. relations with the Jewish world and the state of Israel, the course of capitalism vs socialism and international trade, the continuation of the British Commonwealth/Neo-British Empire, the continued British/WASP struggle with the Vatican, Disspensationalist theology in the English speaking world and its challanging of Catholic/Orthodox theology concerning the end times, the view on financial wealth and worldly gains…on small blade of grass from these seed…properity theology, and the theology on the world vs Christendom…Christendom makes it clear…good vs evil…it’s black and white…Christianity is simple and esoteric thinking is hidden and complex, shiney but dark as pitch.

    I must say that there are many good men in such secret societies that are gentle and full of brotherly love and tolerance…but there are those that have agendas higher up that are challenging to The Holy Gospels Of Christ The Saviour.

    Proseltizing is a description generaly used between Christians when one crosses into the others jurisdiction…preaching the Life and Light of Jesus to the world is proclaiming the Gentle Truth of GOD…His Love, Mercy, Compassion and Most Holy Glory!

    Thank You and Thank you MasTrav for this time and discourse.

    Gary…an unworthy sinner

  6. Well I would have to admit that by your definition, I would be an evil man. I mean, I look for the hidden meaning in all things. My field of research is the esoteric nature of mankind. I truly believe that only by looking at the hidden meaning, can we hope to find the light.

    But let me ask you this. Do you think that the Templars are working against Christianity or for it?


  7. Elim,

    First off, I could not catagorize you as an evil man because you look for the ‘hidden’ in things…remember if we approach with purity and meekness, things are more clearly seen…

    …to find ‘True Light’…look to The Holy Glory of GOD…for it is pure and meek.

    In the begining of their order (to my understanding) they were an Christian order of Warrior-Monks dedicated to the protection of Christian holy sites in and around Jerusalem and the Christian pilgrims. After the unjust political moves by a French king and his support from an apparent political Pope, the Knights then went into hiding and centuries later over to the Protestant Reformation.

    More To Follow…

  8. Please excuse this break in dialouge.

    To continue…

    …and thus into the rivalry between Protestants and Catholics…both theological and political. And since, again to my feeble understanding, the Knights Templars and their ‘kindred’ in various secret societies are set on the discrediting, destablization, and destruction of the Roman Catholic Christian Church…so much so to the point of ‘one day standing in a circle, kicking the Papal Crown amongst themselves (secret society highest leadership)’. …and please give your thoughts on this.

    And in my own opinion based on observations, the Templars and their ‘kindred’ would like to see the ending of the Vatican…not to say that the Roman Catholic Christian Church should make some drastic fundamental changes and apologies…as many Protestant Church leaderships…but to seek out the destruction of the Vatican is not the way…prayer and fasting are the ways…prayer and fasting to the Holy Trinity, The Lord God Almighty.

    More to follow…

  9. …Again, please excuse this break…

    The Catholic and Protestant Churches both have room for improvements and apologies, as does the various Eastern Orthodox Churches…but the apparent moving away from the Bride of Christ and seeking out more worldly answers and worldly material gain and wealth is against the Holy Gospels of The Messiah, Jesus. And these forms of falling away and wants exsist in the hearts and ways of Christian men and women…and these should be confessed and done away with thru repentance…but falling away to seek out other ‘spiritual answers’ is naturally against the Gentle Way of The Creator of All…Truth is in HIM who is Life and Light…The True Uncreated Light, that has no beginning nor end…just Infinately Holy.

    Thank You for this dialouge Elim, your not evil…just wanting to learn and know…a seeker out of things, eh!?…aren’t we all?!

    Gary, an unworthy one

  10. As a Catholic I am perplexed why the KoC retain their connection to Christopher Columbus. From their website:

    These men were bound together by the ideal of Christopher Columbus, the discoverer of the Americas, the one whose hand brought Christianity to the New World. Their efforts came to fruition with the incorporation of the Knights of Columbus on March 29, 1882. They were Knights of Columbus.

    While Columbus did “bring the Gospel” to the America’s it definitely wasn’t his reason for coming and his methodology was horrific and brutal. Columbus was not an ideal in my eyes. More and more it seems he was an egocentric and brutal oppressor. To me this undermines their service and philanthropy to the greater community.

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