Post-atomic: Freemason Information – Fighting City Hall

Post-atomic: Freemason Information – Fighting City Hall
Found this in a search on Freemasonry in the blogosphere. It’s a mention of an article I published on my site Freemason Information from Br. Tim Bryce. The comments below it were from a brother on his outlook of Freemasonry for why there has been so much evolution within the rank and file.

Just from a superficial examination, it seems as if the old ways are not the way to go for the membership today. I do think that many of the traditions that we once enjoyed should remain, but there needs to be more. Does that mean to form political action groups as a lodge, or to promote worship services? Not necessarily. But I do think we, as a body, need to be open to communicating within ourselves and be open to talk about these things.

Freemasonry has no room for bullies, and should not suffer them within their ranks.

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~ by Greg on March 8, 2006.

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