Do you VUDU or VOODOO?

Connections, so much of life is based on the mental connections we like to draw between things. Did the first soda can evolve out of soup tins, did the idea for the plane really come from Di Vinci’s bird-man sketches?

Well, in this link, Freemasonry is joined at the hip with several “connections” between the United Nations, Ghana Slavery, Skull and Bones, and Kofi Annan.

I’ve seen the dance before, weaving elaborate ideas out of a few loose ends. They used to do it on the “X-files” all the time, when Spooky Mulder and his robin-esque side kick Scully would pulls it’s disparate threads into an “A-Ha” moment of clarity.

But how often does that really happen? Just because you want something to be there, does that really mean it’s there? Take for instance the infamous toasted Virgin Mary. Just because you THINK something is there, does that mean it is?

One thing this article doesn’t do is provide anything tangible, just a bunch of gossamer threads loosely knitted together, with “Black Star” references and all.

Maybe it’s just all in the VooDoo of the incrementing. Maybe we’re just missing the connections…


~ by Greg on March 5, 2006.

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