Freemasonry to take a stronger hold of that society …

Freemasons haven’t taken over the world, but maybe it can bring some good.

This is from an article I stumbled on from the Grand Cayman Islands, about Public Servant membership in Freemasonry (or any group for that matter) should be made public knowledge.

Quoting from the article:

There is public interest in the possible influence of freemasons in Government but due to the lack of trust in being able to speak up without persecution or being bullied out of their job and finding their recourse to justice obstructed at every turn people keep quiet.

The public interest is real but silent just like the oaths of secrecy sworn by some when holding a dagger close to their heart.

Government should introduce a policy of disclosure for all Public Servants including the judiciary to be open and honest about their membership of groups such as the Freemasons because transparency is the key to honesty and to improving public confidence in Government.

This takes me back tot he mention somewhere of the Nazi round-up of Jews, Gypsies and Freemsons. The only difference here is that Nazi’s didn’t have lists of who to get. I can understand the concern of collusion or manipulation, but why does the conspiracy always have to be on the Freemasons?

Freemasons will always speak about how moralistic their organization…

The article says, but then Governments always want to be thought of as incorruptible too.

The greatest cause of such suspicions will always be due to a lack of transparency within the groups, in the public eye and the secrecy surrounding groups such as the freemasons who are, after all sworn to secrecy and indeed carry a lot of influence whether the intent is there or not.

Important point here, it is an organization with secrets, not a secret society. Besides, if they did take over the Cayman Islands, what would they have to improve? According to the Official Cayman Island site:

Cayman has sophistication, surprising variety and a hassle-free atmosphere: here street and beach vendors are forbidden by law. Whatever you choose, you’ll find your way to relax – Cayman Islands Style.”

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~ by Greg on March 4, 2006.

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