Roller derby and rollergirls news and commentary blog – Wayne’s Derby World

Roller derby and rollergirls news and commentary blog – Wayne’s Derby World

I stumbled on this by accident, but had to write something about it. First, its Roller Derby, that should be enough said, but my hat comes off for the Detroit Masonic Temple and it’s revitalization. I know they have been working hard at keeping the venue’s door open and the light on, and they have done one heck of a great job. This gets the prize for innovative work in re-purposing their space. Maybe it will serve to get some good press to the fraternity in Detroit.

For those not in town to see the event, here is a taste of the action:

In case you missed the re-birth of greatest sporting event ever to roll into Detroit City, it was an action-packed evening to say the least! Once The Motown Hit Squad and The KILLpatricks were introduced and the National Anthem was sung the bout began!! It was an even game all through the night that kept the fans on the edge of their seats. We had all kinds of derby sisters in town that traveled from Grand Rapids, Ohio, Chicago and Wisconsin who yelled at us to hit harder and to get off our ass and skate when we fell. Thank you ladies for making the journey and showing us some derby LOVE!!

The Motown Hit Squad had a couple of hard falls that required EMT assistance to get both Del Bomber and Lil Raskull off the track on two separate occasions but both skaters were back in the game in no time at all.

Towards the end of the game, emotions ran high and referees were blind, but as we all did time in the penalty box, we still had no idea who would win. The KILLpatricks lost key player Fanny Pak towards the end of the third period to severe leg cramps, but once the EMT’s and MD 20/20 got her back to the bench, there was only one thing left to do..JAM! Both teams skated their hearts out and in the end, The KILLpatricks came out on top. Both teams hugged and congratulated one another, took pictures, and then off to the locker room for a champagne toast.

I only wish I were closer there to be a part of their noble work. Great work Detroit. A little on the temple from their site:

There are seven Craft Lodge Rooms – all having different decorative treatments, the motifs of decoration being taken from the Egyptian, Doric, Ionic, Corinthian, Italian Renaissance, Byzantine, Gothic and Romanesque. The rooms are all true to the period. All of the art work throughout the building, especially the beautifully decorated ceilings was done under the personal direction of famous Italian artists. There is also a Royal Arch room, a Commandery Asylum, and a Scottish Rite meeting room.

The Scottish Rite Cathedral has a seating capacity of 1600 and its fully equipped stage with a width of 64 feet from wall to wall and a depth of 37 feet from the foot lights. The Cathedral is a beauty spot of the Temple, made rich by carvings and color work which is most effectively carried out in the ceiling.

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~ by Greg on February 24, 2006.

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