I found this one by accident here, but thought it makes for an interesting story.

Seems like another Masonic Temple is utilizing it’s space out, but this time it’s not just to an office or another fraternity. It seems the Masonic Temple in Toronto has been leased to MTV. Read the Full Story here, and an excerpt below.

MTV Moves Into Masonic Temple With Live Canadian Show
Monday February 20, 2006 @ 05:30 PM By: Staff MTV’s

Canadian operations will be housed in Toronto’s historic Masonic Temple and its programming will be anchored by a daily series called MTV Live when the channel launches later this year. The Masonic Temple, which was recently used as a rehearsal space for The Rolling Stones, was the home of Mike Bullard’s CTV/Comedy Network talk-show and was previously used as a concert hall to host shows by the likes of R.E.M., David Bowie, Led Zeppelin and The Tragically Hip. The studio space is being enhanced and the rest of the building is receiving technical upgrades that will allow it to house and support MTV’s staff.

You can find the story here too.

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~ by Greg on February 24, 2006.

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