Ontario Empoblog

Ontario Empoblog
An interesting outlook to the history of Freemasonry. A respondent to the linked post goes into detail on the History of Freemason Secrecy is as a result of:

Freemasonry came about when the Masons were initiated into the Rosicrucian wisdom tradition. Until that time, the Masons had three degrees of initiation. Given the huge volume of material available from the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons added another 30 degrees to bring the total to 33. Some say that there are levels of initiation above the 33rd degree.

The material for the Rosicrucian school were obtained from libraries in Muslim territory. Many of the texts were Greek classics that had been translated into Arabic. Credible scholarship on the life and work of Giordano Bruno credit his students with having founded the Rosicrucian school.

The need for secrecy within the Rosicrucians derives from the fact that any wisdom school poses a threat to established “authority.” Bruno was vilified where ever he taught. He was equally unsafe throughout “Christian” Europe. His students had to maintain a low profile in order to avoid attack by the vicious love of Mother Church.

I think this may be an interesting path to explore in the overall sense of where Freemasonry came from. I know that masonry can trace it’s lineage to writings dating back to the Regius poem, which is from 1390:

The Regius Poem, often referred to as the Halliwell Manuscript, believed to date from this year, is considered to be the basis of the “Ancient Charges”, although Haywood (Editor of The Builder) asserts it is probably a book about Masonry rather than a document of Masonry. It contains 15 “articles” and 15 ” points”.

Wikipedia dates it to somewhere between the 15th to 17th Century. I do believe that there are very strong connections, both in origins and in purpose, but I have not personally discovered an Muslim connection. It does reflect Rosenkreuz’s education in the middle east, but I don’t think he’s ever been validated. It does speculate that perhaps the texts were written by Francis Bacon.

Just from my explorations in the degrees of the Scottish Rite, there is a strong connection to Gnostic and the Tree of Life. Both of which I will explore later.

Perhaps there is a connection that I am missing here. I do intend a deeper study of the two. There are definitely ties to alchemy between the too also, which may offer some of the connection.

More on this…

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~ by Greg on February 23, 2006.

3 Responses to “Ontario Empoblog”

  1. Brother Greg,

    Regarding the mystical history of Freemasonry and other Mystery Schools, be sure to explore the websites of the Rite of the Rose Cross of Gold and the Collegium Fabrorum.

    Widow’s Son
    The Burning Taper

  2. Cool blog. Thanks for quoting me! If you’d like, I can dig up the references to Giordano Bruno.

    The muslim connection stems from the fact that Christian Europe was purged of many libraries of wisdom literature. Most of the texts on alchemy were found in muslim libraries. According to Mosheim’s eclesiastical history, Christians burned any books with symbols as being works of black magic. That included books on mathematics.

    On a personal note, my grandfather was a 33rd degree Mason.

  3. Sadek, another fascinating comment. I knew the Muslims preserved a lot of information about mathematics, but I didn’t know why. Now that Olympic figure skating is over, I’ll probably dig into this a big deeper (although I got really depressed after reading the assertion that Hitler was a Jew).

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