Masonic Lodge goes to auction

I’ve already mentioned this before, but here again, we have another story of a lodge that is headed to auction.
Monday, August 8, 2005.

This story talks about 2 lodges merging with each having less than 20 members. When the lodge was constructed, it was made to hold over 200 members. Originally from 1885, the building being sold off now was completed in 1926.

Another accomplishment of the fraternity gone.

The story goes on to tell the history…

Over the 120 years of its existence the La Junta chapter of the Masons was active in the community. Of special interest were the laying of cornerstones of many buildings in La Junta. The cornerstone for the original Otero County Court House was laid in 1897, and for the Otero Junior College building in 1940.

It’s a shame. Here are 2 other stores about this same issue.
Things from the past
Another Lodge Facing Destruction
but the Widow’s Son summed it up very well in his post
An old man’s doughnut and coffee club saying

Freemasonry is indeed at a crossroads; perhaps not the first one, but a crossroads nonetheless. Decisions made today, by each of us, will affect whether Freemasonry thrives or dies in the 21st Century.

To the brothers in La Junta Arkansas, My regards to the fine work and service you have performed for your community. You will be missed.

– Photo by Rodney Baird


~ by Greg on February 23, 2006.

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