Fun piece on Blog Maconique.

There exists a great blog here on Freemasonry. It is in French and hard to get translated in totality, but piece by piece it’s worth the work.

What caught my eye was a post on of all things, little masonic figures. They are 54mm, painted, and in the image of the Masonic degrees of Freemasonry. It seems they are on sale in Europe (France) though Ebay.

The Original post translated (with Alta Vista’s help)
Masonic figurines figurine on ebay, it is possible for you to discover the objects put on sale by the salesman cagoule66 (who has a profile of positive evaluations of 100%). Behind this pseudo “name” a French couple (of Picardy) which sells masonic figurines. They are metal figurines 54 mm high and hand painted, representing a Master (bearded or beardless) with the Order of Apprentice or Worthy Master, Venerable Master, an Apprentice or Companion (of type European or African, bald person, with glasses) on the Squares, a Layman with Initiation. The Masons are represented with an apron of the French Rite or Rite Ecossais Ancient and Accepted. Possibilities of personalization exist. It acts for example of an ideal gift for a “descent of load”. The creators can be contacted by e-mail:

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~ by Greg on February 14, 2006.

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