On the Contrary: I Love My Own People, But I love the Truth More

On the Contrary: I Love My Own People, But I love the Truth More

I’m amazed at the depth of connection made of Freemasonry and the world. Freemasonry is a large organization and is involved in many civic activities locally, but the manipulators of the worlds governments? The shapers of the world? I know I’ve only been in Freemasonry for a while, but I have yet to see any “signs” of our Zionist oppressive ideology. But then maybe the Illuminati really did win and we just don’t know it.

This is an interesting piece, which seems very well thought through, but still with an odd message in the end. I almost half expect reptile men to be mentioned in the underworld. But, like others people repeat, Freemasons are to blame for all the problems of the world. It really is an amusing fact that because no one from Freemasonry responds, they keep repeating these stories over and over again.

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~ by Greg on February 10, 2006.

3 Responses to “On the Contrary: I Love My Own People, But I love the Truth More”

  1. Do not suffer your zeal for the institution to lead you into argument with those who, through ignorance, may ridicule it.

    Ummm..errrr…or something like that….

  2. I think we should give up the jig. I mean, we are reptilians secretly controlling the world, aren’t we?

    Rule the world? Yeah, right… Masons have trouble agreeing on what barbeque sauce to use at the family night cookout.

    — Widow’s Son

  3. Burning Taper,

    Are you tolerant as you profess to be?

    And are various secret societies intolerant…if not, then why all the secrecy? They may claim a brotherhood of all mankind, but they smell of slave-masters, and tyrannical-power hungry-elitist-royal-antiReligious-antiConstitutional-antiRepublic-world conquestors.

    Just Wondering,

    Gary, a filthy as rags sinner, and…shall I say…uuhh…Christian.

    And Burning Taper…thanks for the dialouge and discourse…as Americans, We are FREE…thanks to the Constitutional Republic that OUR GOVERNMENT is based on!…these debates are quite invigorating and thought provoking aren’t they?!

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