Very well put

John Ratcliff’s Weblog
This is truly an enlightened observation to Freemasonry and what it is. Sometimes, it makes you wonder why we all go into lodge to carry on the tradition, but really the lessons and community service out-strip the doubt.

My comments back to Brother Ratcliff’s post:
I love the pie and cookie part. That’s so true isn’t it. At my lodge, we have it before we go into meetings. And your spot on with the democracy and tolerance component. I’ve read that the function of the lodge is the model for the US Government, in its democratic system. One vote, every member, regardless of rank or position. And every member has an opportunity to lead the group.

An original “evangelical” could be Dr. James Anderson, a Scotch Presbyterian Minister who recorded Constitutions of Freemasonry very early on. Interesting Anderson, along with a fellow named Desaguliers were instrumental in organizing Freemasonry after the 1717 Grand Lodge formation.

John, beautifully put “There is no dogma in Freemasonry! There is no Freemason bible. An individual mans personal faith is just that, personal. However, it does teach that there is only one living and true God, regardless of how any individual person chooses to worship him. It teaches that all mankind are brothers and that it is a great spiritual endeavor to work in peace and harmony. It teaches strong principles of morality that crosses all religions of the world.”

John, beautifully presented and explained. I wonder what response you recieved from the original post…


~ by Greg on February 9, 2006.

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