Practical Theology Discussions: Freemasonry in Christianity — Is there room on the pew?

Practical Theology Discussions: Freemasonry in Christianity — Is there room on the pew?

I don’t even know what part this is. I’ve been accused of misquoting and catogorizing Pastor Buice, whom I admire for his convictions and his zeal, but not for his reading. His accusation is that I misquoted him on the lower post, when in fact I was engaged in an entirely separate discussion with another “Josh”

Whether or not this gets posted in your comments, you will read this. Yours is not the only conversation being had, and you are, ironically, not the only “Josh” in Tennessee (edited at 10:40am – Thanks Josh for correcting me) with a radical fundamentalist view. The “Brother Josh” in reference here has his own blog here where he shares many (but not all I hope) of your views and opinions.

The quotes to which you accuse me of misleading people with are NOT from you, but instead from “Bro. Josh” at his site.

This is my response to Pastor Josh, on his site and from his words on mine (see the comments in the post below).

I hope that makes my postings more clear to you now. Had you clicked the link, you would of noticed the difference, besides the name. I do not expect an apology, but it would make the air clear in light of your allegations of my quotations.

Greg Stewart
Masonic Traveler


~ by Greg on February 9, 2006.

2 Responses to “Practical Theology Discussions: Freemasonry in Christianity — Is there room on the pew?”

  1. Mr. Traveler,

    I do apologize for making the suggestion that you had misquoted me on the article. I have been misquoted (taken out of context by yourself and other Masons) in our discussion – therefore, I suspected this was taking place again.

    I am not a radical intolerant individual as you paint me to be. You have never sat under my teaching, preaching, or attend a home where I presented the truth of the saving gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, when you make these sweeping statments about me as an individual simply because I dislike and reject the Masonic lodge – you are way off base.

    Nevertheless, I have presented Christ – my Lord with clear truth and passion. I did so with an earnest love and compassion for you. I never intended to push anyone away – I love people! However, you are closed off to the truth of God’s Word – and I can not open your eyes. I pray God does that – with whatever measure necessary. Therefore, I must close my conversation with you and your “brothers” – and I will pray for your soul this evening!

    For the sake of Christ – His Church – His Kingdom – and His Gospel!

    Josh Buice
    “A nobody telling everybody about somebody who can save anybody!”

    I am a sinner who should have and deserved to go to hell due to my sin – but God saved my wretched soul – and I will forever be grateful!

    Josh Buice

  2. To The Christian named Josh,


    You thoughts a stated with truth, sincerity, and humility.

    In these discourses with Freemasons and other secret society members, it is quite encouraging to see the defense of The Christian Faith with truthful humility.

    Some folks in the Freemasons are quite openly hostile to Christendom, and they will tell you about it.

    May The Good Lord, The Creator And Ruler Of All, Bless And Have Mercy Upon Your Endevours! Glory Be To The Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, The-Three-In-One And The-One-In-Three, both now and ever, and into the Ages Of Ages, AMEN!

    Pray for me a filthy as rags sinner, who is an Orthodox Christian in Tennessee, who by the Mercy, Love, and Compassion of Our Lord Jesus Christ, The Son Of The Living God, has discovered and is still discovering the Salvation of The Eternalnes, Incarnation, Birth, Life, Death, Resurrection, Ascension, Sitting At The Right Hand Of The Father, Promiser Of The Holy Spirit, The Coming Again In Glory, The Judge Of All, Whose Kingdom Is And Will Be Eternal-Infinate-Forever Into The Ages Of Ages.

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