New Things on board

Freemason Information has undergone a few minor renovations. The BIGGEST AND MOST EXCITING addition is a new section dedicated to Worshipful Tim Bryce, formerly of Freemason for the Next Generation. He joined me some months back as a contributor with great insights and offerings. Keep your eye on this ball.

Another addition is a piece on Momento Mori by brother Jerimiah Torres from the Philippines. His look on the Momento Mori is a great treatise on what it means, and how it applies to understanding life. I found it very profound and hope you will too.

Lastly, I hate to say this but…, I had to add Google Ads. I added it to help defray the costs of managing the site (hosting, and so on). I’m hoping that it helps. If they are to intrusive or get in the way tell me. But, if you like the site, support it by clicking on the ads. That’s all you need to do, it’s that simple. I really hate that I had to add them, and we’ll see how it works.

I hope your enjoying all the articles and are getting something from them. My goal has been to present this information as clearly as I can to as wide an audience as possible, and I hope I’m hitting both marks.

Travel well my brothers.
Greg, editor – Freemason Information


~ by Greg on February 6, 2006.

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