Bro. Josh’s Bible Thoughts: National Prayer Breakfast- U2? Not Me!

Bro. Josh’s Bible Thoughts: National Prayer Breakfast- U2? Not Me!

I’m amazed at the level of intolerance in the world.

Why is it that because people believe differently than someone else does, it’s wrong? I don’t know if I get the US link at the prayer breakfast, but I think it’s a good idea. Christianity does not have a choke hold on the world, and to assume that it does is intolerance. Why are people not seeing this? Even George W. can sit at the table with these people, even the leather wearing Bono. The purpose of the meeting far out strips any “mixing of the faiths”.

My guess is that the same intolerant writers I’m meeting who are adamant about an intolerant faith in Christ are the same ones that fought to keeps blacks from mixing with whites, and would of walked the Jews to the ovens.

Wake up, intolerance leads to hatred, and that is far from Christ’s message. Freemasonry can easily be a conduit to open communication between faiths.



~ by Greg on February 4, 2006.

2 Responses to “Bro. Josh’s Bible Thoughts: National Prayer Breakfast- U2? Not Me!”

  1. Bro Greg,

    This is in response to your comment on my post Memento Mori from my blog. I’m glad that you found it reflective, and it is an honor that you considered it worthy of publishing in your website. You may post it anywhere you deem it fit for publishing, provided my name is acknowledged…that is enough honor on my part. This would be possibly my first piece to be featured in a masonic website, and for this alone, I would be very grateful. Thank you and more power to your worthy endeavors here in cyberspace.

    Bro Jerry T.

  2. Please check out the following posting:

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