King Solomons Temple

I’ve been looking to write something here for a while about King Solomon and the construction of the temple. With much speculation and curiosity, we as Freemasons revere this structure and it’s ancient meaning, the home of God, and put it high in the places to contemplate.

As builders of the temple, the attached piece is an Non-Masonic article about the temples construction. There are other texts on line and in print that look at the many facets of the temple, and this piece in no different. In analysis, it suggests that the grand pillars Jachin and Boaz are not just symbolic pillars, but instead water clocks to measure the passing of time for traditional observances.

He goes on to say in this piece that the temple was originally on a different ridge, adjacent to the one where the present temple of the rock is placed. His conclusion is that the site the temple is believed now, is in fact the location where Herod built his temple, and not the original site destroyed by the Babylonians in 586bce.

Interesting piece, and worth a read through. There are lots of interesting components to the temple here, including a virtual tour at the end of the paper. Keep in mind that this is not a piece written by Masons, so it is free of any bias or desire to look the way Masons may want it to.

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~ by Greg on February 3, 2006.

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